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Affirmation: A positive statement that is repeated or written to oneself until it has “taken root” or is established in the mind.

At first, you may not believe that you have large amounts of the qualities listed below. Nevertheless, begin by assuming that you do have some of all of these qualities - enough to have brought you this far. Picture what life will be like if you possess them to an even greater degree.


Acknowledge the courage which has enabled you to face your feelings. Courage is being afraid, but doing it anyway. Keep courage!


Accept that you will not always be strong and that grief will take time.


The capacity to bounce back from stress and go on is something that can be learned; ability increases with experience and age.

Perseverance and Endurance

Have the faith that lasting through the pain will get you through.

Capacity to Distance

It can be helpful to step back and view life from afar, see what has happened, is happening and can happen. Move ahead!

Sense of Humor

Regaining your ability to smile and laugh is not a betrayal of your pain; grief is a curious mixture of many emotions. Laughter and humor may provide some necessary relief and strength for the suffering you are experiencing.

Openness to Others

Many people say that without friends and relatives to support them, they would have had far more pain and loneliness during their period of grief. Choose your confidants carefully and use them. You may be wise to choose more than one.

Writing down affirmations seems to have certain advantages. When we write affirmations, the mind, hand, and eye are all involved. Many people resist the notion of writing because it sounds so simple, but it is perhaps because of simplicity that this method often works so powerfully for many people.

These are some possible affirmations you may choose to guide your approach to life from now on. Try creating some of your own:

  • I cherish each moment of my life.
  • I am not hiding my love from people.
  • I resolve to help my friends in need of support.
  • I am strong. I can grow from pain.
  • I intend to live my life to the fullest: my time is precious.
  • I will become open to new pathways and new relationships.
  • I am learning.
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