Chestina M. Archibald

Chestina M. Archibald

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O Gracious and Almighty God, you who knows from whence we have come and where we are going even though we do not know these things about ourselves.
We come at this moment of difficulty to submit our way to your divine will.
Lord, you have said in your word:
if we ask, it shall be given, if we seek we shall find,
if we knock doors shall be opened unto us.
We come now to ask that you give us strength to release our loved one back to you in a spirit of gratitude, knowing that there will be no more suffering,
no more heartaches, no more disappointments.
Help us to rejoice that there is rest from all labor,
there is peace that passes all understanding,
there is unspeakable joy when union is formed with that
innumerable caravan of ancestors that have gone on before and is able with all the hosts of heaven, to welcome one more new member.
Lord we seek greater faith.
Remove all doubt. Help our unbelief.
And now as our beloved stands knocking at the door of eternal life, may we be reminded of our own immortality that we may immediately rise from our slumber of pity and sorrow and be about the unfinished business that is before us.
Teach us to forgive, forget, to love and live that the remainder of our journey may be pleasing in thy sight. As we commend this spirit into your hands, give us life anew that we like our Savior will be able, in all things, to pray not my will but thine.
In thy Holy name we pray.

Chestina M. Archibald
Chaplain, Fisk Memorial Chapel

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