Cleaning Tools That Keep Seniors From Falling

Cleaning Tools That Keep Seniors From Falling

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A messy or unclean environment inhibits a senior’s ability to maneuver safely about the home, therefore increasing their risks of injuries and falls. As a sensible option, seniors should be equipped with reliable cleaning tools that can promote independence and confidence. 


Although seniors are more active now than ever before, research shows that many seniors experience an increased decline in flexibility, mobility and strength. For that reason, cleaning is not recommended for all seniors; however, some experts suggest that seniors can use cleaning as a healthy form of regular exercise. 

There are a variety of cleaning tools on the market designed to assist seniors in safely accomplishing their cleaning tasks. The products are not only useful to the elderly population, they may also be beneficial to those who have physical disabilities. 

Safety Cleaning Solutions

1. Robot vacuums and mops

Vacuuming can be a challenging chore for seniors who suffer from chronic aches and pains. Traditional vacuums may become difficult to push, while a robot vacuum relieves that stress by moving on its own. Robot vacuums can work on all floor types, including carpet, hardwood, tile, and laminate. They can also be programmed to automatically clean at times that are convenient to the senior. The device will even dock and recharge automatically. 

Robot vacuums and mops are lightweight, so they’re easy to pick up to empty the dust and dirt canisters. A robot vacuum may be especially beneficial to seniors who have arthritis.

2. Extendable attachments

Extendable attachments can be especially helpful for seniors who may need assistance when bending or reaching to clean baseboards, corners, dust, cobwebs, and other high and low places around the home. Extendable attachments can also be used to assist with window washing, without the need for a step stool or ladder. They can also assist in cleaning delicate areas such as indoor flowers, plants, chandeliers, statues, and any other delicate items around the home. Extendable attachments can be easily gripped, which is especially helpful for seniors who have arthritis or other mobility limitations. 

3. Grabber tool

A grabber tool can be especially helpful to seniors who are attempting to grab objects that are out of reach. It can also be helpful for picking up items from the floor by eliminating the need to bend, which can often cause dizziness and pain, especially for seniors who may have a chronic illness. 

A grabber tool can serve as an excellent device for active seniors, and can also be a great help to seniors who may have an injury or who have limited mobility. Most designs are ergonomically engineered and are comfortable to hold, which is especially helpful for those who have arthritis. 

4. Dehumidifier

Seniors can use a dehumidifier as a means of keeping the home free of moisture, mold and bacteria. A dehumidifier can also reduce the number of asthma flare-ups a senior may experience. A dehumidifier not only removes moisture from the air, it also works to purify the air by killing bacteria. By removing moisture from the air, dehumidifiers can aid in helping clothes to dry quicker, thus preventing dampness and mold which could cause a senior to become unwell. Seniors who suffer from allergies may find a dehumidifier to be a lifesaver, as it will aid in keeping pollen from entering the home—as much as possible, anyway. 

5. Rolling laundry cart

Traditional laundry baskets are large, bulky and very difficult to carry around, especially when filled with dirty or wet laundry. These baskets can become too heavy to carry, especially for seniors who suffer from back problems or chronic pain, or those who are no longer able to lift objects. A rolling laundry cart may provide the link needed to enable them to complete their laundry tasks without help. 

A rolling laundry basket cannot only aid in saving energy but can also be used to carry a variety of items around the home—not just laundry. Items can be easily transported from room to room without the need or hassle to carry anything.  

6. Step Stool

Squatting, bending and kneeling may prove to be challenging for those who live with chronic pain or have disabilities. If a senior needs to reach lower areas, such as under a cabinet or the lower shelves in a refrigerator, a small stool may be helpful. Seniors can also sit comfortably on the stool while cleaning toilets, stoves, dishwashers, etc. Stools may also be helpful to seniors who have stability concerns and knee issues and need help reaching higher areas. 

These stools can provide much-needed support, as they are usually designed with a large surface area and anti-slip guards to help prevent slip and falls. Step stools are economical, versatile, and can be used in any room throughout the home. 


For the average senior, home cleaning requires quite a bit of time and effort. That time and effort is exacerbated if the senior suffers from chronic illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, or struggles with fatigue, pain, or mobility issues. 

Various innovative tools have been created with seniors in mind to help make their lives easier. These tools can help seniors to increase their independence while promoting dignity, confidence and happiness. They can also aid in keeping seniors safe and comfortable in their homes. 

T. Mashae Pearson - Senior Advisor

Shae is senior researcher with Grandfolk® providing in-depth product and service reviews to empower senior buying decisions.