Emmanuel's Book: A Manual For Living

Emmanuel's Book: A Manual For Living

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Life and death
should not be considered as opposites.
It is closer to the truth
to speak of dying as an entrance
rather than an exit.

What the doorway of death offers
is a resurgence of tremendous vitality,
for you are entering from what could be described
as a watered-down version of life
into the thing itself,
the vitality of primary reality.

If death could be seen as a beautiful clear lake
refreshing and buoyant,
then when a consciousness
moves towards its exit from a body,
there would be that delightful plunge
and it would simply swim away.

Emmanuel's Book: A Manual For Living
Comfortably In The Cosmos
Compiled By Pat Rodegast & Judith Stanton
Bantam Books, 1985

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