Frederick Ohler

Frederick Ohler

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Lord, when we are weak
we pray without urging (if not without ceasing).
When she is stricken with cancer
or our foundations crumble
when we are scared
or things disintegrate
we cry out for Your help.
For that we are not ashamed;
we have no regret.

But when we are strong
when it's summertime and life is easy
when all's right with our world and You're safely in heaven when we have that sense of well-being
Lord, do not let us be
but turn our seeming strength into gratitude
our well-being into thanks-giving
and our recreation into re-creation.
In winter and in summer
no less when pride seduces than when despair overwhelms when we collapse
and when all heaven breaks loose
when we are weak
and when we are not
Lord, leave us not
to our own defenses.


Frederick Ohler
Better Than Nice and
Other Unconventional Prayers
Westminster/John Know Press, 1989

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