Medical Alert Systems Shielding Off Home Invasions

Medical Alert Systems Shielding Off Home Invasions

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The Bureau of Justice found that 3.7 million home invasions happened from 2003 to 2007. Although that number seems staggering, instead of decreasing, the number of burglaries is only increasing year after year. Many victims of such crimes are seniors, who criminals often view as vulnerable and powerless. With a medical alert system, an aging individual can quickly reach help to shield off home invasions effectively.


Many seniors mistakenly believe that a medical alert system merely is for medical emergencies, but nothing could be further from the truth. The service is a lifesaver in a wide array of circumstances, such as shielding off home invasions. The medical alert system is designed to offer help in an emergency—any emergency. In the middle of the night,if a senior hears glass breaking or the front door is opened, they do not want to have to fumble for a phone to dial for assistance. Instead, they can immediately summon life-saving help by pressing the button on their medical alert wearable pendant. They will be placed in immediate contact with a trained operator who will stay on the line with the senior until help arrives.

Medical Alert Systems Help a Senior Call for Help During a Home Invasion

During a home invasion, a senior can effortlessly and quietly depress the button on the highly delicate medical alert pendant to be placed in immediate contact with an operator. The device can detect even a whisper, so the senior can quietly explain the situation to the operator. The operator will stay on the line with the individual while they dispatch law enforcement. They will also call any relevant family members to let them know what is happening. The operator will provide support and advice during a home invasion which may save lives.

Unfortunately, in many instances, a senior will answer the door and an assailant will force their way into the home. They may push the elderly individual to the ground or knock them unconscious. In such brutal and rapid circumstances, the senior may not have the ability to press the button on the medical alert pendant. However, many medical alert pendants have automatic fall detection components. If the pendant detects that the senior is falling or being shoved, then the pendant will automatically call for immediate first responder assistance. In such a circumstance, the medical alert service can be a real lifesaver by reaching help when the senior cannot.


Nowadays, home security services are often out of the budget range of the majority of seniors. However, medical alert systems are highly affordable. In many instances, the service is paid in full, or a portion of the monthly fee can be covered by local, state, or federal organizations. Medical alert services can and do keep seniors safe during a home invasion. The service helps a senior feel less alone and vulnerable. Most burglars and assailants never think to look for a medical alert pendant on a senior. In many cases, the aging individual can hide the pendant in their pocket, or it is disguised asjewelry so it goes unnoticed. This makes the medical alert pendant a valuable tool to protect the senior during a possible home invasion.

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