Medical Alert Systems in Spanish with Spanish Monitoring Service

Medical Alert Systems in Spanish with Spanish Monitoring Service

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In the United States, 38.3 million people speak Spanish, according to the United States Census Bureau. That accounts for 13 percent of the population. Aging people often have a difficult time expressing themselves in English if their native tongue is Spanish. Fortunately, many medical alert systems are available in Spanish with full Spanish monitoring services.


During a time of crisis, many seniors may grasp for words if their first language is Spanish. Communicating in a second language may become difficult, if not impossible. However, medical alert services in Spanish are a powerful asset for any Spanish-speaking seniors. Many people are surprised to learn that medical alert systems are available in over 200 languages.

In many instances, if a medical alert responding operator does not speak Spanish, they can effortlessly use a translator who will interpret both sides during a medical emergency. All medical alert systems keep the relevant information of their senior on file, and the information is quickly accessed during a call so that the operator immediately knows that the aging adult is Spanish-speaking.

Medical Alert Systems are Available in Spanish With Full Spanish Monitoring

Any time a senior presses the button on a medical alert pendant, they are put in immediate contact with an agent. It is not uncommon for an elderly individual who speaks Spanish to be very agitated during a medical emergency and forget to speak English or struggle to choose the correct words. However, with medical alert systems, a senior does not have to worry about what they will say when the operator answers. The aging individual can speak Spanish. The agent will quickly bring up the senior’s file and see that they are Spanish speaking. At that point, a Spanish-speaking agent or an interpreter will be effortlessly employed. The Spanish-speaking operator will remain on the line with the individual until first responders arrive.

With so many Spanish-speaking people in the United States, speaking with medical alert services in Spanish has never been easier. Many medical alert pendants also feature fall detection, so if a senior cannot verbally communicate because of an injury or being knocked unconscious, then the pendant will immediately summon life-saving help.


Spanish speaking medical alert systems are easy to use and a real lifesaver. They provide any Spanish-speaking senior with invaluable peace of mind. Spanish directions are printed on the medical alert instructions and the medical alert base unit, so the aging person never has to struggle to figure out how to use a component. Everything is easily and effortlessly explained in the senior’s first language.

Kimberly Sharpe - Senior Advisor

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