Medical Alerts for Seniors in Ohio

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Ohio

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Ohio’s slogan rings true:  there really is so much to discover in this relatively demure state. From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland to the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, there is no telling what you might stumble upon should you elect to retire here. Such an endeavoring spirit is extended to all those who seek to make the Buckeye State their home, which is many given the state’s relatively low cost of living and great university health care system. All that said, Ohio might just be the place you need to explore before settling down in your twilight years!

Population Density

The number of persons over the age of 65 is right on par with the rest of the United States at a comfortable 16.2%. This equates to 1.9 million older adults, which is an increase of more than 2% from just a few years ago. Back that up even further and the tiny state saw a 10% increase from 2000. There are only five other states with more older adults. Not to worry, however, as the Ohio Department of Aging is taking all of those facts into consideration when rolling out programs to support elders aging in place longer.

Emergency Response Times

Despite all of the renowned medical care centers and universities throughout the state, Ohioans saw very near the average wait time when queuing for the emergency room at about 17 minutes per patient. Waiting to be discharged cost an estimated 130 minutes while a full admittance for long-term care ran upwards of 85 minutes. In the event of a spill and broken bone, seniors should expect to wait 50 minutes for care. Obviously an ounce of prevention is worth a lot more than a pound of cure and so it is highly recommended that seniors take part in fall prevention courses and other education campaigns in conjunction with investing in home monitoring systems. The latter can speed emergency response times and get you back to discovering all that Ohio has to offer!

Medical Care in Ohio

The Buckeye State received solid scores for health care as ranked by the U.S. News & World Report. The agency gave the state a 23rd place finish for health care access alongside a quality of health care mark of 28th. The McKinsey & Company survey also gave the state a middling mark of 23rd out of 50 with adult dental visits landing 19th overall, wellness checks a strong 10th and affordability at 13th. WalletHub was a bit more generous with a 20th place ranking, which was driven by a ranking of 13th for affordability alongside an 18th place mark for quality of life. Again, all of this is impressive given the number of seniors flocking to the state as well as those aging in place.

Senior Health Rating in Ohio

Ohio’s Department of Aging has done an impressive job with not only maintaining key programs focused on elder health and nutrition, but rolling out unique incentive programs that offer great discounts on all types of services. This latter initiative is known as the Golden Buckeye Card and can land seniors discounts at restaurants, stores, automobile mechanic shops and prescription drugs. Additionally, the state is committed to keeping seniors safe as they age in place by providing lists of emergency medical supplies one should have on hand as well as information for those who may want to check on their older neighbors.

Other State Considerations

As has been stated, Ohio really may be a place worth discovering. From art galleries to malls to university towns, the Buckeye State really might have it all. This includes an extensive set of programs and initiatives to help older adults age with grace and dignity as well as in the comfort of their own homes. If you so choose to make this nifty little Midwestern state your next home, then you may also want to consider investing in medical alert devices and technology. Not only will this give you the peace of mind necessary to remain in your home longer, but also to encourage you to get your steps in while exploring the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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