Medical Alerts Heart Rate Monitor Necklace for Seniors

Medical Alerts Heart Rate Monitor Necklace for Seniors

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Medical alert heart rate monitor necklaces can be worn by seniors to provide a constant monitoring of heart activity. This medical alert device is both fashionable and functional. If an alert of a life-threatening heart emergency, such as sudden cardiac arrest, arises, the medical alert necklace will instantly notify family, friends or emergency personnel of the need for immediate care.

If a non-heart-related emergency occurs, the necklace has an alert button than can be pressed at any time to summon help from emergency contacts or medical personnel.


Medical alerts heart rate monitor necklaces are considered wearable technology that enables seniors to continue to live freely, but with an added layer of protection. Seniors can monitor their heart rate on a continuous basis, and some models can also track other activities, such as steps and burned calories. This medical alert device can be used to accurately measure a senior’s activity and health level, thus providing a gateway of improving their overall health.

The style and designs of heart rate monitoring necklaces allow them to be worn discreetly, while still allowing them to do the job they were designed to do.

Advantages of a Medical Alerts Heart Rate Monitor Necklace
  • Convenient: Medical alert heart rate monitor necklaces provide continuous heart rate tracking, ideal for seniors who have had previous heart issues.
  • Extended battery life: A medical alert heart rate monitor necklace has an extended battery life that does not require recharging each day.
  • Durable: The jewelry is designed to be durable and sturdy, so that it may last for a long time.   
  • Can be worn discreetly: Medical alert heart rate monitor necklaces can be worn discreetly. If a senior is embarrassed to wear a medical alert device, a necklace can be worn underneath a shirt without gaining the attention of others.
  • Cellular-enabled: A phone or landline is not required to use this device.
  • Stylish: Medical alert heart rate monitor necklaces for seniors can be purchased in a variety of sleek and stylish options. 
  • Monitoring: Trained professionals are available to assist 24/7/365 if the necklace detects an issue with the senior’s heart rate, or if the alert button is pressed.
Disadvantages of a Medical Alerts Heart Rate Monitor Necklace
  • Risk of being misplaced: Seniors who have been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are more prone to memory loss and may misplace their devices.
  • False alerts: A false alert may be signaled if the alert button on the necklace is accidentally pressed.
Enhancement Options for a Medical Alerts Heart Rate Monitor Necklace
  • Stylish options: If a senior feels that their medical alert necklace is not as fashionable as they would like, they can opt to upgrade to a more stylish option. Some medical alert companies offer a large variety of beautiful, decorated, beaded and colorful necklaces.
  • GPS functionality: Some medical alert necklaces can be purchased with GPS, to ensure that seniors are protected anywhere they may travel in the United States. Location tracking is extremely beneficial to responders during an emergency in which the senior does know their location.
  • Advanced tracker: An advanced tracker can also be added to the device. It allows the necklace to accurately measure activity intensity levels throughout the day.
  • Alert button: Necklaces can include an emergency help button. When pressed, the button notifies emergency contacts, an emergency dispatch operator or 911. 
  • Status lights: Necklaces can be fitted with status lights that indicate signal and battery strength.
  • Waterproof: Waterproof necklaces can be purchased, so that seniors may wear them in the shower or bathtub.
Cost Consideration for a Medical Alerts Heart Rate Monitor Necklace

Heart rate monitor necklaces with basic functionality generally range from $120 to $150, depending on the model and style. To effectively use the device, monitoring and dispatch services are required so that seniors can feel safer and more secure. Necklaces can also be enhanced to include fitness tracker capabilities. More enhanced necklaces, which entail more functionality, do increase the price range to approximately $199 to $399.

Additional Considerations for a Medical Alerts Heart Rate Monitor Necklace

Medical alert heart rate monitor necklaces, although suitable for both genders, are mostly worn by women due to their style and shape. They are among the top wearable medical alert devices on the market. This necklace caters to the need of monitoring a senior’s heart rate while having the typical style and elegance of a classy necklace.

When an alert or emergency is detected from the device, seniors can be reassured that a monitoring professional will be available to get them the appropriate help.

T. Mashae Pearson - Senior Advisor

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