Medical Alerts for Seniors in Anaheim, California

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Anaheim, California

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Medical alert services can help keep anyone safe, but are especially beneficial for assisting seniors in maintaining an independent lifestyle. A senior can wear a medical alert pendant that features a call button. The waterproof pendant’s button can be quickly and effortlessly pressed in the event of an emergency. The senior will immediately be placed in one-on-one contact with a trained operator who will stay on the line with the senior while dispatching first responders. With medical alert services, a senior is never alone. 

Population Density

The city of Anaheim, California is home to 351,000 people. Seniors make up 10.6 percent of the population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Researchers project that the number of seniors will double in the next decade as baby boomers steadily reach retirement every year. Also, people are living longer nowadays than ever before, so this contributes to the increasing ratio.

Emergency Response Times

Throughout the United States, the average emergency response time hovers at eight minutes. In many cities in California, the response time is often disappointingly long, but that is not the case in Anaheim. Within the city of Anaheim, first responders typically arrive within eight minutes with a typical response time of only five minutes in 90 percent of all cases. This is an impressive response time considering the sheer size and population of the city. The area is also often congested because it is a tourist hub, with Disneyland and a variety of other amusement activities located in its heart. 

Medical Facilities in Anaheim, California

The AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center rates below average and average on numerous specialties, according to U.S. News and World Report. Unfortunately, the overall patient experience at the hospital garnered only two stars out of five. The nursing was also only evaluated to be average. The nearby Anaheim Global Medical Center scored no better. Despite the rather dismal scores of the local hospitals, the city of Anaheim is located in the hub of everything, so not too far away from superior healthcare choices. 

Senior Health Rating in Anaheim

Anaheim sits within Orange County. In recent years, affordable housing has become extremely hard to find within the county. Many seniors are paying over 30 percent of their monthly income just for rent. This creates a serious deficit for medications, food and healthcare. It has been reported that 25 percent of the seniors in the area suffer from diabetes and 10 percent are treated for depression. About 90 percent of seniors in Anaheim live below the poverty index. Food insecurity has become a major concern for the region’s elderly. In recent years, the leading cause of death in the county is Alzheimer’s disease. 

Other City Considerations

Most seniors living in the Anaheim area can barely afford to survive. Many must choose each month between buying food, prescription medication, utilities or paying the rent. Medical alert services are not covered by Medicare and they are also typically not paid for by private insurance plans. However, providers offer numerous plans that fit various budgets. Seniors can opt for the basic service, or they can upgrade to medical alert pendants that feature fall detection or GPS location services. 

Sometimes, local, state or federal organizations provide some assistance when paying for medical alert services. Ultimately, a senior and their family must check every avenue to find assistance if a senior cannot financially swing the bill each month. 

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