Medical Alerts for Seniors in Arkansas

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Arkansas

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Medical alert systems are designed to keep seniors and other individuals safe. An in-home medical alert system allows you to summon help any time an emergency occurs. With medical alerts, you wear a pendant that can easily be used to call for help. Some pendants also feature fall detection, so if you fall and are unconscious or disoriented, then the device will summon immediate emergency assistance. 

Population Density

Approximately 16.3 percent of the state of Arkansas’s state population is made up of individuals over the age of 65. Out of those statistics, 28 percent of all seniors in the state live alone with no spouse, relatives, or caregiver. As baby boomers age, those statistics are expected to escalate dramatically. It is also projected that the number of seniors who are ages 85 and over will increase by 34 percent. Approximately 71 percent of seniors within the state are females who live alone, according to Senior Care. 

Emergency Response Times

The time between when an emergency call is placed and when the first responders arrive is critical to survival. Heart attack and stroke deaths are the first and third leading causes of death in the United States for seniors. Both of these medical emergencies depend on a fast response time for survival. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that about half of all deaths occur before the patient ever arrives at the hospital. Adequate pre-hospital emergency care is critical for the patient’s survival in such circumstances. 

This means that emergency response times matter and are truly the difference between life and death. Recent data released by the CDC shows that EMT response times were less than 14 minutes within the state. 

Medical Care in Arkansas

In a study done by U.S. News, Arkansas ranked a dismal 45 out of 50 for medical care. Its Medicare quality also was ranked at 45. Assisted care facilities held a rank of 31. It is reported by CBS News to be one of the worst states for medical care. Healthcare outcomes place the state at 47 in health care, according to a WalletHub report. 

Access to affordable healthcare remains one of the pivotal problems within the state. The deciding factors that were considered during the rankings were health care access, health care quality, and public health care availability.

Senior Health Rating in Arkansas

With the health care ranking of Arkansas holding at 47, it is one of the worst states for seniors to seek medical care. 24/7 Wall Street lists Arkansas as one of the worst states to grow old. Almost 11 percent of the state’s seniors live below the poverty level. Some counties in Arkansas, such as Phillips county, have a very dismal average age of mortality: 67.4 years old for men and 74.4 years old for women. 

Men living in Northwest Arkansas live approximately 19 years less than men living in Eastern Arkansas. Obesity, smoking, and lack of physical exercise are the main contributors to these low survival rates.

Other State Considerations

No matter where you live within the state of Arkansas, having a medical alert system is sure to provide you with peace of mind. With a medical alert system, you can quickly summon emergency assistance. Many states have far superior healthcare ratings, but despite those statistics, receiving speedy emergency response care is the key to surviving many health emergencies. Medical alert services can be a lifesaver, especially for a senior living an independent life. 

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