Medical Alerts for Seniors in Atlanta, Georgia

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Atlanta, Georgia

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Seniors are opting to live independent lives for far longer than previous generations. Such a lifestyle is not without risks. A senior can face a life-threatening medical emergency. During such an event, it may be difficult to locate a phone. In such a circumstance, many seniors find it beneficial to wear a medical alert pendant. The medical alert pendant has a button that lets a senior quickly and effortlessly call for assistance in the event of an emergency. 

These pendants tend to be waterproof, so a senior can use one while showering or bathing. Some medical alert pendants also have fall detection and GPS services. 

Population Density

Atlanta, Georgia has 472,522 residents. Seniors make up 10.8 percent of the population. As baby boomers continue to retire, that number is only going to grow. Many people forecast that the senior population will double nationwide in the next decade. This elderly population explosion will also occur in Atlanta. 

Medical Facilities in Atlanta, Georgia

There are 56 hospitals located in the Atlanta region. The Emory University Hospital is considered the number one hospital in the city. It is nationally ranked in five specialties. It also received a high-performance rating in four adult specialties and nine procedures. Number two in the city is the Emory St. Joseph's Hospital, which has received a high-performance rating for one adult specialty in nine procedures/conditions. 

The Piedmont Atlanta Hospital is also a nationally ranked hospital. Overall, there are numerous hospital choices located throughout the city to meet the growing medical needs of its residents. 

Senior Health Rating in Atlanta, Georgia

Physical activity and good nutrition are the keys to a healthy body. The month of September in the state has even been declared Live Healthy Georgia . . . Seniors Taking Charge month. In Georgia, sixty percent of all senior deaths are caused by cancer, cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Also, four out of five older adults battle a chronic condition that makes life difficult. These chronic conditions contribute to the widespread instance of disability in seniors within the region. 

Additional City Considerations

The city of Atlanta is rapidly growing, and the senior population is also becoming more prominent with each passing year. Throughout the city, there are many places that sell medical alert systems. Normally, there is a system available to fit any budget, but some seniors living on assistance may find it hard to purchase medical alerts. Medicare and private insurance companies do not pay for medical alert services. Typically, there are state and private organizations that offer financial assistance to struggling seniors, so be sure to check around if you are in need of these services. 

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