Medical Alerts for Seniors in Buffalo, New York

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Buffalo, New York

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In the quest to maintain an independent lifestyle while staying safe, a senior may want to consider purchasing a medical identification tag or investing in a medical alert device with GPS or similar software. Not only will the latter help an older adult get out of a sticky situation, it can also act as a means to improve overall cardiovascular and muscular health.

Population Density

While Buffalo, New York is not as famous as New York City, this town is the second largest in the entire state. The city did see an overall decline in its populace as the harsh winters often drive folks to relocate to Florida or Arizona. The overall population is right around 256,000 with a median age of 32 years. Those aged 65 and over account for just 12 percent of the City of Light. That same aging demographic is actually higher throughout the rest of the state at around 16 percent, or over 3 million folks!

Emergency Response Times

In the harsh winter conditions that can last from early fall through early summer, emergency response times can lag around ambulance drive times. Overall waits for emergency care often exceed one hour. If the senior has a broken bone from shoveling snow and taking a spill, then he or she will have to wait another hour for pain medication followed by 158 minutes waiting to be admitted for X-rays and the like. Discharge will last another 162 minutes with paperwork processing taking the longest. All told, an older adult could spend over seven hours waiting for treatment.

Medical Facilities in Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York is located in the greater Buffalo-Niagara Falls principal municipality. Residents can take advantage of a collective total of 14 first-rate hospitals. Seven of those medical facilities received high-performing marks from the U.S. News and World Report for such adult procedures as colon cancer surgery, lung cancer surgery, heart bypass surgery, hip and knee replacements and long-term geriatric care.

Senior Health Rating in Buffalo, New York

Erie County, home to Buffalo, continues to see the largest number of deaths as a result of cancer, heart disease and unintentional injury. Seniors and older adults may want to make a family communication plan or alert someone as to their intended destination and approximate time of arrival. Having an emergency kit in the car is also useful, as is the use of a medical alert or GPS device.

Other City Considerations

Maximizing one’s safety in upstate New York is critical during the long winter months. Older adults should strongly consider investing in good clothing as well as taking measures to ensure they can adequate heat their homes. Avoiding going outside in the cold and exercising inside is also a strong consideration as fatigue might set in faster as a result of the natural aging process. If a senior must go outside or drive, then having a medical alert device or GPS could come in handy.

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