Medical Alerts for Seniors in Chandler, Arizona

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Chandler, Arizona

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A senior that is worried about remaining independent for as long as possible might consider investing in a smart medical alert device. Many devices are now capable of synchronizing with mobile cellular phones or working directly with nationwide networks like Verizon or Sprint. Seniors can then rely on one single device for peace of mind.

Population Density

Chandler, Arizona is one of 11 cities that falls within the ever-growing Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale metropolitan area. The entire state of Arizona is only home to some seven million people, with the aforementioned metroplex accounting for 4.7 million. Chandler’s population is 247,000 folks overall, with 9.6 percent of those being aged 65 or over. That equates to about 25,000 older adults, but more seniors flood in when the northern areas of the United States enter into winter and snowbirds come to roost in the warmth and sun of Arizona!

Emergency Response Times

The Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale metropolitan area is well-equipped to handle the influx of older adults who may not be used to the altitude changes in the southwest or the traffic-jammed highways. The state has a robust network of trauma-capable university medical centers as well as hospitals, so it normally only takes about 25 minutes to see a doctor. Treatment for a broken bone only takes 48 minutes with admittance lasting up to 104 minutes. Discharge and the paperwork associated with that process could take 168 minutes.

Medical Facilities in Chandler, Arizona

There are over 50 state-of-the-art medical facilities, hospitals and research centers just adjacent to Chandler, Arizona and throughout the greater Phoenix metroplex. Of those 50, 10 are equipped for extensive trauma-related concerns with 12 receiving high-performance ratings from the U.S. News and World Report. Three were also nationally ranked for geriatric care and specializations that ranged from pulmonology to neurology and even urology. Banner University Medical Center Phoenix received the highest ranking at number 29 for the nation.

Senior Health Rating in Chandler, Arizona

Those ages 65 and older who live in Chandler, Arizona have a lot of great options when it comes to enjoying their golden years. The area is well known for its transportation links and is just adjacent to the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. Additionally, the town has great links with railways, city buses and freeways. Seniors should also take advantage of elderly transport businesses that can be programmed into their medical alert devices or mobile phone applications so that they do not have to drive and risk a breakdown during the hot summer months.

Many of these transportation companies go above and beyond taxi services by offering accompanied transportation from door-to-door and will also assist with groceries and medical appointments.

Other City Considerations

Chandler, Arizona is pretty well connected, but a mobile medical alert device or a cellular phone app could help a senior get help in a hurry. Once help arrives, the app and network can continue to assist the older adult in communicating with first responders by providing relevant medical information and care instructions should the senior have a pacemaker, medication allergy or similar concern.

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