Medical Alerts for Seniors in Colorado Springs

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Colorado Springs

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Nowadays, many seniors are opting to live independent and active lifestyles. With services such as medical alerts, a senior can continue feeling safe in their own home for far longer than ever before. Medical alert pendants can be worn 24/7. They can even be worn in the bath, pool or shower. If a senior faces an emergency, they simply press the button on the pendant to be placed in immediate contact with a trained operator who will evaluate the situation and contact first responders. Some medical alert pendants even have GPS services and fall detection. 

Population Density

Colorado Springs, Colorado boasts a population of over 465,000 individuals. Approximately 12 percent of the population is made up of seniors. As the baby boomers start to retire, that number is only forecasted to increase. Many experts say that the older adult population will double in the next decade. With individuals living longer than ever before, there is little doubt that the ratio of seniors will continue to burgeon. 

Emergency Response Time

In recent years, Colorado Springs has been plagued by slow emergency response times, especially from one major ambulance provider. Unfortunately, response times once averaged a little over 12 minutes and have only lowered to around 11 minutes. This is a significantly slower time when compared to the national average of eight minutes. For the last year, the city has been trying to improve response times by hiring new personnel. 

Medical Facilities in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs seniors can opt to use seven local hospitals. The Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, CO was ranked highly for two specialties, according to the U.S. News and World News Report. Unfortunately, none of the other hospitals in or around the city have received any great recognition for superior service. As the senior population grows around Colorado Springs, the accessibility to medical facilities will hopefully improve. 

Senior Health Rating in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading killer in the state. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment states that one older adult dies every hour in the state from heart disease. Strokes are the secondary cause of death in the state. Obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are the leading contributors to heart disease. In the state, more males die from cardiovascular disease than females. 

Seniors must focus on exercise and diet to combat the rising health dangers in Colorado Springs and much of the state. Many residents consider Colorado Springs to be an outdoor oasis, but there is a serious obesity concern, and exercising appears to be a problem for many older adults. 

Other City Conditions

As any senior who lives alone knows, there are many dangers such as falling or having a major medical event that can make it imperative to call a first responder. Medical alert services help an older adult rest easier knowing that they can quickly and effortlessly call for help. Overall, medical alert services make a senior feel less alone. Throughout the city of Colorado Springs, there are numerous medical alert service providers, and they all offer various package deals to fit anyone’s unique budget. Ultimately, it pays to shop around for an affordable medical alert service. 

Kimberly Sharpe - Senior Advisor

Kimberly is senior researcher with Grandfolk® providing in-depth product and service reviews to empower senior buying decisions.