Medical Alerts for Seniors in Dallas, Texas

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Dallas, Texas

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Medical alert systems are designed to keep a senior safe, so they can continue to live an independent lifestyle. A senior is given a medical alert pendant to wear. If an emergency occurs, the senior presses the button and is immediately put into contact with a trained operator who will assess the situation, offer verbal aid and quickly dispatch first responders. 

Medical alert pendants also come with fall detection services which will summon help any time a fall is detected by the system. GPS pendants are also available. These can help locate a senior who has wandered away or become lost. 

Population Density

Dallas is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country. The 13-county Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area is home to 6.8 million people. The metropolis of Dallas is home is 1.3 million people. Under ten percent of the population is made up of seniors. However, that population ratio is changing quickly as baby boomers reach retirement and new retirees flood into the city. 

In 2017, 146,000 people moved to the area. It is estimated that in 2018, even more people will relocate to Dallas—and many of them will be people seeking a retirement lifestyle. 

Emergency Response Times

In recent years, the emergency response time has become longer in the Dallas area. This can probably be attributed to the population growth and the denser urban setting. However, the average time in an emergency situation for first responders to reach the scene hovers at 7.3 minutes. Considering the urban population, this time frame is not overly bad. Many cities with smaller populations have a worse response time. 

However, city officials are working to improve the area’s response time. With the new police and fire training center, the emergency response times are forecast to experience a sizable reduction as more first responders are dispatched to meet the needs of the growing city.

Medical Facilities in Dallas, Texas

UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas received the honor of being named the best hospital in the area by U.S. News & World Report. It boasts six nationally recognized specialties. It offers top geriatrics, urology, nephrology, ear, nose and throat, diabetes, and endocrinology, neurology and neurosurgery specialties.  

Baylor University Medical Center commands the number two spot with seven adult specialties and eight procedures/conditions that are all ranked as high performing. It also received two nationally recognized specialties. The number three place was awarded to Medical City Dallas Hospital. 

Senior Health Rating in Dallas, Texas

The state of Texas has an obesity problem. It is estimated that 30 percent of its population is obese. Obesity is not simply being overweight. With obesity comes numerous health risks such as diabetes, stroke and cardiac disease. Unfortunately, many of the seniors in the Dallas area are either overweight or obese. Many suffer from type 2 diabetes as a direct result of being overweight, living a sedentary lifestyle and not eating correctly. This puts the seniors of Dallas at an increased risk of many life-threatening health conditions that must be constantly managed. 

Other City Considerations

Dallas is forecast to grow by leaps and bounds. It will continue to be a mecca for retirees seeking a mild climate. Most of those retirees will want to maintain an independent lifestyle for as long as possible. Medical alert services have given innumerable seniors the ability to continue living independent lives even after children move out or a spouse passes away. There is little doubt that the service saves lives. It offers safety to an elderly person living alone. Medical alert services are offered throughout Dallas, and there are generally plans available to fit any budget.

Kimberly Sharpe - Senior Advisor

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