Medical Alerts for Seniors in El Paso, Texas

Medical Alerts for Seniors in El Paso, Texas

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If a senior is concerned about their safety in the home, a medical alert system can be a great option. Medical alert systems were designed to be simple and easy to use. The system usually consists of two main components, a base station and a wearable pendant that is usually waterproof, allowing it to be worn in the tub or shower. When the alert button is pressed on the device, the senior will be immediately connected to an agent in an emergency center, who will dispatch the appropriate medical personnel. 

After a fall or accident, it may be difficult for a senior to call 911, which may result in further injuries. The time that it takes to locate a phone and call for help could be wasted time in which the senior could be receiving medical attention. 

Population Density

El Paso has an estimated population of 679,000, which leads it to be the 19th most populous city in the nation. Seniors make up 11 percent of El Paso’s population, and it is projected that El Paso’s population will reach nearly one million residents over the next three decades. Many seniors have found that this historical city is not only the ideal place to visit, but also a fantastic place to retire. In addition to providing mild weather, the city has a variety of local resources for its aging communities.  

Emergency Response Times

El Paso’s emergency response times are twice the national average. When calls were analyzed over a period of time, nearly 67 percent of the emergency response times averaged at 21 minutes. According to a law enforcement publication, the American Police Beat, the national response time for a priority one call should average 10 minutes. Officials have blamed their slow response times on a lack of personnel and equipment. 

The city has devised a 10-year plan to assist in personnel and equipment shortages. Officials have acknowledged that improvements will not happen overnight, but speculate that gradual changes should occur over the next few years. 

Medical Facilities in El Paso, Texas

A study which examined more than 2,500 hospitals nationwide rated two medical facilities in El Paso with excellent marks. The Hospitals of Providence Sierra Campus and East Campus scored higher than five other El Paso area hospitals. Each facility received an “A” rating. The Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus received a “B” rating. The study was created under the guidance of the nation’s leading experts at the Leapfrog Group, an independent industry watchdog.

Senior Health Rating in El Paso, Texas

A new study reveals that the residents of El Paso are living longer lives, but unfortunately not better lives. Out of 243 counties in Texas, the County Health Rankings placed El Paso at 19th in longevity and 226th in quality of life. In overall health, the city fell 22 places to 102nd place when compared with the 2017 study. 

Other City Considerations

Studies show that nearly 25 percent of seniors living in El Paso live alone. Depending on where an accident occurs, a senior my find that calling 911 may be impossible or too difficult. When a senior utilizes medical alerts, help can be summoned regardless of where the emergency has occurred. Many medical alert devices are small, wearable and even waterproof, so a senior can wear them anywhere. Medical alert devices offer protection nationwide, and seniors should never hesitate to push the alert button. 

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