Medical Alerts for Seniors in Henderson, Nevada

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Henderson, Nevada

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A senior who is concerned about their safety might want to invest in a medical alert system with a few devices that can be linked via app. Some systems allow multiple users as well as several devices, all of which enable a user to reach out to a call center representative day or night. Some units can easily be synced with a smartphone or watch so that a senior can easily access help no matter where they are.

Population Density

Henderson, Nevada is a great location for older folks who want to avoid the crowds of Las Vegas. The state of Nevada has seen the senior population grow by nearly 53 percent since 2000. Henderson, Nevada has not seen similar growth, but does lay claim to 17.8 percent of the state’s over-65 crowd. This is nearly three times that of Las Vegas. All told, older adults in Henderson number 77,000, and that number is growing!

Emergency Response Times

Henderson, Nevada is located near several regionally accredited facilities, with one Level I trauma center. The latter is located at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and is in the same county as Henderson. The wait times for emergency care are some of the lowest in the U.S., with the state ranking a solid fourth overall behind only Colorado, Utah and Montana. The senior in need of urgent care will only wait 14 minutes for care and can have a broken bone set in less than 45 minutes. Transfer time to long-term care and discharge average on the higher side, though, and could add another five hours spent in the ER. 

Travel times can skew a bit higher, as residents may have to travel into the valley or closer to care near Lake Mead.

Medical Facilities in Henderson, Nevada

The greater Clark County area is home to some upstanding institutions when it comes to medical care. Unfortunately, none of the five closest centers were ranked for geriatric care or any adult-focused specialty by the U.S. News and World Report. Seniors with long-term care concerns should take heart, however, as the town still boasts five outstanding nursing homes, with Clearview and Saint Rose Dominican being closest to the lake. Additional care also comes in the form of four readily accessible dialysis facilities and five home health centers. 

Senior Health Rating in Henderson, Nevada

Older adults in Henderson face the same common issues in retirement as much of the rest of the United States. To wit, the leading causes of concern are normally heart disease, cancer and chronic lower respiratory diseases, or CLRD. Additionally, folks in Clark County also have significant rates of influenza and pneumonia. In order to guard against this, persons aged 65 to 74 who experience trouble breathing need to seek medical care as well as alert their doctor, caregiver or medical response team. This will enable first responders to adequately treat the patient and get them back home sooner.

Other City Considerations

Even though Henderson and Las Vegas share a county, they could not be more different. Las Vegas has a far larger overall population, but with only a fraction of folks who are currently enjoying their golden years. Henderson offers a lot to do away from the city and has great recreational and historical offerings. To stay safe while exploring, older adults are encouraged to consider GPS, water-resistant and tough medical alert devices. These gadgets enable family and friends to rest at ease while their parents or loved ones take the boat out on Lake Mead or camp under the stars. 

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