Medical Alerts for Seniors irvine, California

Medical Alerts for Seniors irvine, California

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A medical alert system provides a senior with access to emergency help, regardless of where they are, 24/7/365. If a senior is alone in a crisis situation, they can simply press the alert button to be connected to a monitoring system directly through the system’s base. A medical alert system eliminates the need to struggle to the phone and provides the reassurance needed to allow seniors to live independent lives.

Population Density

It is estimated that the population of Irvine is 250,000. Data shows that Irvine’s population has grown significantly in the past decades, increasing an average of 20 percent each decade. The City of Irvine is a relatively newly incorporated city and has a seemingly young population base. Data shows that only 12 percent of Irvine’s population is ages55 and older. It is estimated that by the year 2020, nearly 30 percent of the city’s population will be over the age of 55.

Emergency Response Times

EMTs in Irvine arrive on the scene to medical calls within 7 minutes and 20 seconds 80 percent of the time. There are eleven fire stations in the city, and fire trucks usually arrive on the scene within 12 minutes at least 80 percent of the time. Nearby fire stations outside of the city limits may be dispatched to respond to calls within the city if necessary. Reserve firefighters also volunteer their time to the community. Seniors who live alone or who experience a medical emergency when they are alone can still be assured that help will be less than 15 minutes away.

Medical Facilities in Irvine, California

The Irvine Medical Center is nationally ranked and is rated high performing in a variety of adult specialties, procedures and conditions. Irvine Medical Center is a general medical and surgical facility that also serves as a teaching hospital. To be nationally ranked, a facility must excel in caring for the most medically complex patients. Irvine Medical Center ranked well in multiple areas of adult care and also achieved the highest rating possible in multiple procedures and conditions. 

Senior Health Rating in Irvine, California

Seniors in Irvine suffer from four major chronic conditions: asthma, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Programs and services are in place to educate and advocate for seniors to develop self-management skills for their chronic conditions. City-developed programs offer a multitude of education, communication and empathetic coaching, helping seniors to become more independent and empowered. The goal of these programs is to help seniors and their families cope with and manage their medical conditions while improving their function and quality of life.

Other City Considerations

Irvine was chosen by CNNMoney as the fourth-best place to live in America due to its housing, reputable schools, and quality of life. In 2010, the FBI released data that showed the city had the lowest crime rate of cities with populations exceeding 100,000. Many seniors have chosen to call Irvine home not only because of its low crime rate but also because it has so much to offer. The city has nearly 20,000 acres of parks dedicated to natural habitats, biking, and hiking trails.

Medical alert systems are often the best choice for seniors who are on the go or those who can enjoy an outdoor adventure. If an emergency occurs, a medical alert device will ensure that emergency personnel are readily accessible with the press of a button. Systems can also be upgraded to include GPS functions, which allow agents to pinpoint the senior’s exact location and relay it to EMTs.

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