Medical Alerts for Seniors in Jersey City, New Jersey

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Jersey City, New Jersey

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Medical alert systems offer a fast and easy way for seniors to get help during an emergency, whether it is a fire, fall, or any event that requires an immediate response. A medical alert system has an alert button that immediately connects to a live agent when pressed. A selection of basic systems use a landline, but there are also a variety of medical alert systems that use cellular options and have GPS capabilities as well as fall detection options. Some services will even call seniors to remind them to take their medications.

Population Density

Jersey City is the second-largest city, by population, in the state. It serves as a distribution, transportation and manufacturing hub for the Port of New Jersey and New York. The city has an estimated population of 265,000 people. The baby boom generation is the largest age group in New Jersey’s population. Studies show that nearly 10 percent of the city’s population is made up of seniors, and 30 percent of those seniors live alone. Senior citizens who live alone may face a variety of challenges on a daily basis. A medical alert system may provide the assurance needed to live a worry-free life.

Emergency Response Times

When Jersey City EMTs are dispatched to emergencies, they understand that every second count. The city boasts one of the lowest response times in the nation; less than six minutes. By implementing additional programs, the city is striving to reduce the response time even further, to less than three minutes. According to data collected from United Rescue, emergency response times in the nation average between 9 and 11 minutes. Additionally, the Jersey City Medical Center ambulance response time is less than five minutes—among the lowest in the nation.

Medical Facilities in Jersey City, New Jersey

According to recently released data, all New Jersey hospitals collectively saw an improvement in their latest surveys. Jersey City hospitals tied nationally in 17th place, putting them above the national average. Three hospitals, in particular, received perfect scores: Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center and Jersey City Medical Center. The grades were collected by the Leapfrog Group, which measures medication errors, staff knowledge and infection control.

Senior Health Rating in Jersey City, New Jersey

Research shows that more than 40 percent of New Jersey seniors suffer from a chronic disease. Cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and arthritis are the leading causes of disability in the state of New Jersey. These chronic diseases are responsible for more than 20 percent of all senior hospitalizations in Jersey City. Cancer and heart disease account for over half of all admissions.

Although costly and quite common, the majority of chronic diseases are preventable, as most chronic diseases are associated with lifestyle choices. Seniors who eat nutritious foods and avoid tobacco use can lower their risk of developing many common diseases and conditions. Seniors can also lower their risk by being physically active. Fortunately, seniors who choose to wear medical alerts can feel free to take a walk or a jog, enjoy a bike ride, or go for a swim, as medical alerts can also be mobile and waterproof.

Other City Considerations

WalletHub recently surveyed 150 of the largest cities in the nation and found Jersey City to be one of the least desired cities to retire in America. Ranking in 149th place, the report took into accountJersey City’s crime rates, affordability, quality of life, availability of senior activities, healthcare and weather. Seniors in the market for a medical alerts system should take into consideration that the systems can be used for protection in any situation, including burglaries, home invasions and fires. When the alert button is pressed, the device instantly alerts the monitoring center, which will contact the appropriate emergency responders for the senior.

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