Medical Alerts for Seniors in Laredo, Texas

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Laredo, Texas

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When a medical emergency occurs, many seniors find that using a medical alert system is more convenient than attempting to call 911. During an emergency, it is not always possible to find a phone, especially when an accident has occurred. Fortunately, when a senior has a medical alert device, they can simply press the alert button and be immediately connected to an agent in a monitoring center who can assess the emergency and dispatch help immediately. In addition to being easy to use, medical alert systems are also easy to install. Medical alert t systems can usually be installed and ready to use in minutes.

Population Density

Laredo is one of Texas' most historic cities and also serves as a gateway city to Mexico. The city has an estimated population of 258,000 people. Over the years, the city has experienced a gradual growth in its population. Between the years of 1960 and 1990, Laredo's population doubled. The growth has been attributed to the city’s trading and manufacturing businesses. It is estimated that nearly 10 percent of Laredo’s population is comprised of seniors. Research also suggests that nearly 20 percent of seniors in Laredo live alone. Luckily, medical alert systems have aided seniors in maintaining their independence while living alone. On average, medical alert systems are low-cost and easy to use. With the push of a button, the senior can receive the help they need.

Emergency Response Times

The Laredo EMS department is one step closer to improving their emergency response times, due to the purchase of new vehicles, equipment, and technology and the hiring of new personnel. Their goal is to respond to calls within eight minutes. In the event that emergency transport is required, a critical emergency vehicle should arrive on the scene within 19 minutes. Medical alert systems can help to aid seniors in receiving emergency care in adequate time. Systems can also be customized to include features such as GPS, which will allow medical personnel to know the exact location of the senior. GPS is especially beneficial when the senior is unsure of their location or cannot speak.

Medical Facilities in Laredo, Texas

Each year, U.S. News compares data and statistics on thousands of hospitals across the nation. Adult specialties, procedures and conditions are compared. The ratings in conditions and procedures focus on the typical care of patients, however, only hospitals that excel in caring for the most medically complex patients are nationally ranked. Hospitals that receive favorable rankings in multiple areas of adult care are ranked in their metropolitan area and state.

Doctors Hospital of Laredo was the only hospital ranked in the city of Laredo. It achieved the highest possible rating in a procedure or condition. The hospital is a general medical and surgical facility.

Senior Health Rating in Laredo, Texas

Many seniors in Laredo are faced with battling obesity, hypertension, diabetes, renal disease and cancer. Many state and government programs are in place to aid seniors in early detection and preventive care, in an effort to reduce and prevent an epidemic. Specific funds are allocated for prevention and wellness services, which include a nutrition assistance program, health education and programs intended to reduce chronic disease risks through focused interventions. Programs in Laredo are also in place to help make healthier food choices more affordable and accessible to seniors.

Other City Considerations

WalletHub recently conducted a study that analyzed the friendliness for retirement of over 100 major cities across the nation, based on criteria such as healthcare, affordability, leisure and quality of life. According to this data, Laredo offers one of the lowest cost of living areas. Its adjusted cost of living for retirees is nearly three times lower than the cost of living in New York, which has the highest. The city offers a number of popular attractions and may be appealing for seniors seeking to enjoy the best of the Texas and Mexico experience. It should be noted, however, that although medical alerts can be utilized away from the home, enabling seniors the ability to be independent, systems can only be used in the United States, due to cellular limitations.

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