Medical Alerts for Seniors in Las Vegas, Nevada

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Las Vegas, Nevada

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A senior who is concerned about their safety would be wise to invest in a mobile medical alert system. Not only do these devices work in conjunction with base units located within the home, but ranges now deliver connectivity well beyond 600 yards. There is a lot to consider when purchasing these units, however, such as whether the device is wearable, waterproof, requires batteries or comes with a charging station. Setting up the unit can also be a challenge, depending on how much technology is embedded in all of the devices. 

Still, for those seniors worried about their safety within the home or out in the city, a mobile medical alert system is a good choice to stay safe and maintain a high quality of life.

Population Density

Nevada has seen explosive growth in the number of persons looking to retire to the sunny Southwest. The state has seen the population of those ages 65 and older explode by nearly 53 percent since 2000. Las Vegas, Nevada, however, has not seen similar growth and only lays claim to six percent of those persons nearing retirement. For a city of just over 570,000 permanent residents, this equates to roughly 36,000 persons. 

While certainly not a small number, the total populace aged 65 and older is down from a high of 12 percent in 2010. There is little data to support that the downward trend will continue in the Las Vegas Valley, but seniors should not be put off, as there are still many places to enjoy in Nevada.

Emergency Response Times

Las Vegas, Nevada has a vast network of hospitals, including eight regional facilities and one Level I trauma center located in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The wait time for emergency care is some of the lowest in the U.S., ranking fourth overall behind only Colorado, Utah and Montana. The senior in need of urgent care will only wait 14 minutes for care and can have a broken bone set in less than 45 minutes. Transfer time to long-term care and discharge average on the higher side, however, at approximately 2.5 hours each. 

Travel times for first responders are also some of the fastest in the nation and average only eight minutes. A transfer all the way out to Henderson, Nevada takes less than 30 minutes. Still, if the senior wants to ensure they have even faster access to care, then he or she should consider a medical alert device that can alert family, friends or first responders by a simple push of a button. These pendants and bracelets are both discreet and easy to use for any older adult looking to increase their peace of mind while out and about in Sin City!

Medical Facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas’s healthcare system does not boast any nationally ranked medical facilities for geriatrics. The only center that received a high performing mark as graded by the U.S. News and World Report was MountainView for its focus on heart failure and procedures that stem from that condition. Still, nearly all nine hospitals offer specialized care in cancer treatments, diabetes, gastroenterology, urology and orthopedics. 

Senior Health Rating in Las Vegas, Nevada

Despite some lagging indicators around the quality of healthcare and medical facilities in the Las Vegas Valley, WalletHub ranked the city in the top ten best places to retire. The website gave Sin City high marks for affordability and quality of life as well as for the number of activities on offer for seniors. The Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division has taken a hard look at senior care and increased training around emergency preparedness for those ages 65 and over, alongside other programs to keep seniors safe while aging in place. 

The state and city have even gone so far as to offer legal advocates, personal assistants and homemakers for older adults. Residents of Las Vegas should certainly consider taking advantage of these programs. 

Other City Considerations

The senior population makes up six percent of Las Vegas’s total population. It is expected that this population will remain approximately the same over the coming years. There are numerous medical alert devices and medical alert systems not only based in the city, but also nationwide. Due to the behavioral health issues in Las Vegas, there is cause for concern around the rising rate of suicide. There are many medical alert systems that can link to family phones in the event the senior needs medical attention or just someone to speak with during a tough time.

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