Medical Alerts for Seniors in Lincoln, Nebraska

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Lincoln, Nebraska

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A medical alert system is essential for seniors who live alone, have ongoing medical conditions, or take medications regularly. It enables seniors to contact emergency personnel with the press of a button. Devices can be worn as either as a bracelet or pendant and can also be clipped onto clothing. In the event of an emergency, a senior can simply press the alert button to automatically dial 911. Seniors will no longer need to worry about getting to a phone in an already stressful situation. Medical alert systems are an effective and easy way to ensure security so that seniors can feel empowered and independent in their own homes. 

Population Density

Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska and is the second most populous city in the state. The city has an estimated population of 273,000, which leads it to be the 72nd largest city in the United States. The city’s population has increased significantly in the last decade, and according to data compiled from the United States CensusBureau,it is projected that the senior population in Lincoln will increase 20 percent by 2030.

Emergency Response Times

Lincoln EMTs have a standard of arriving on the scene of emergencies within eight minutes 90 percent of the time. However, with an increase in call volume, the department is finding it harder to meet that goal. A report released in 2017 showed that the emergency call volume was increasing at a rate three times faster than the city's population growth. The Fire Chief cited the problem as a nationwide issue, as a society will usually call 911 as the first option in most situations even though not all calls that come in are true emergencies. He also stated that Lincoln's population is aging, and seniors over 65 years of age require more attention.

Medical Facilities in Lincoln, Nebraska

Bryan Medical Center is a general medical and surgical facility that is rated high performing in multiple conditions and procedures. The facility has achieved two quality award distinctions in the past year. Surveys suggest that nearly 80 percent of patients would recommend this hospital. HealthGrades is an organization that recognizes medical facilities for providing exceptional patient experiences. Other areas rated included: hospital cleanliness, nurse communication, noise levels and medication, and post-discharge care instructions. Bryan Health Medical Center was recognized by HealthGrades in the areas of Quality and Outstanding Patient Experience.

Senior Health Rating in Lincoln, Nebraska

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease are among the leading causes of senior disability in Lincoln. Studies show that seven out of ten hospitalizations are due to chronic diseases. Even though these chronic diseases are some of the most common in the nation, they are also the most preventable. City and county programs have been established to help promote awareness and activities that will encourage healthy living and provide health screenings in hopes of promoting early detection. A variety of programs have also been designed to promote physical activity, healthy eating habits and health management options.

Other City Considerations

Lincoln is home to 6,500 acres of parks as well as 1,500 acres of wilderness. The city’s flat geography is appealing for runners and cyclists alike. The city is also home to more than 130 miles of biking and hiking trails. Traditionally, seniors who used medical alerts were required to stay within the radius of their homes. Modern medical alert systems provide seniors with a variety of options, allowing for more independence to explore Lincoln. In addition to a variety of other features, medical alert companies have integrated GPS technology, enabling seniors to leave their homes and lead active lifestyles while still being protected. The tracking feature of this technology allows the monitoring center and a senior’s loved ones to know the senior’s exact location in the event of an emergency.

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