Medical Alerts for Seniors in Long Beach, California

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Long Beach, California

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Medical alert systems help keep independent seniors safe. The older adult wears a medical alert pendant around their neck and if an emergency occurs, they simply press the button on the pendant. They will be immediately connected with an operator who will dispatch first responders while evaluating the situation. Medical alert pendants are waterproof, so they can be worn in the shower or bath without any fear of damaging the device. Some pendants also feature fall detection and GPS services. 

Population Density

Long Beach boasts 470,130 residents. Seniors make up approximately 10.4 percent of the population. However, each year, the population of seniors escalates as the baby boomers start to retire. Some estimates say that the ratio of seniors in the United States will double in the next decade. 

Medical Facilities in Long Beach, California

Hospital facilities in Long Beach, California are some of the best in the nation. The U.S. News and World Report nominated the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center as number seven in the nation. The hospital’s nursing staff is considered excellent. It achieved the highest ratings possible when being evaluated for eight of its procedures/conditions. Geriatrics, gastroenterology/GI surgery, neurology/neurosurgery, cancer, orthopedics, heart surgery, cardiology, diabetes treatment and urology are all considered superior at this hospital. 

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Cedar Sinai Medical Center and Huntington Memorial Hospital are also outstanding choices for Long Beach residents. 

Senior Health Rating in Long Beach

Senior independent living communities are springing up around Long Beach. Such communities focus on seniors living not only an independent life, but also a healthy one filled with activities. Unfortunately, 18 percent of all seniors living in Long Beach receive food stamps. The lack of access to nutritious food can take a toll on a senior and cause malnutrition, which leads to innumerable other health problems. Obesity is another prevalent issue, as seniors who are overweight are more at risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. 

Other City Considerations

Throughout Long Beach, there are numerous medical alert services available to serve the area’s senior population. Medicare and private insurance companies do not usually pay for medical alert services, but a senior can look into statewide programs or city organizations that often help pay a portion of the cost. Medical alert services are available in numerous price ranges to fit just about any budget. Any senior wanting to continue living an independent life should look into medical alert services for the peace of mind and the safety that such services provide. An older adult will never feel completely alone when wearing a medical alert pendant.

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