Medical Alerts for Seniors in Memphis, Tennessee

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Memphis, Tennessee

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If a senior is concerned about their safety as well as their ability to stay in their home as long as possible, then a medical alert system or mobile device might be just the solution. Many areas of the United States can feel relatively far away from facilities, family and friends despite the near-ubiquitous nature of the internet. That said, the digital age can be a great tool when coupled with more traditional medical responders as well as in-home fall-detection devices. These nifty little devices not only grant the user the freedom to move about their home unencumbered, but also the freedom to explore their city!

Population Density

Memphis, Tennessee, much like the rest of the state, is quickly growing more and more accustomed to an aging demographic. The state has an over-65 population of 15.7 percent, with Memphis slightly below that at 11 percent. This equates to nearly 47,500 persons in retirement or nearing retirement. This means that the strain on already overburdened healthcare services is only going to become more and more exacerbated. 

Emergency Response Times

The state of Tennessee boasts below national average wait times for emergency response care. Overall, the state and its various cities rank 12th overall for urgent care wait times at only 17 minutes. Broken bones are treated in under one hour with those needing longer stays only having to wait an additional hour or so. When a senior is ready to be discharged, though, they might face wait times nearing three hours. 

The residents of Memphis should note that the vast majority of wait times are attributable to drive times that can take up to 33 minutes for a journey of just a few miles. Medical alert services can certainly speed care while traveling to the hospital, as they have the ability to provide first responders with key data about the patient.

Medical Facilities in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis may seem like an out-of-the-way city when compared to other metropolises within and around Tennessee, but the town is a hub for businesses, logistics centers and medical facilities alike! There are 22 top-ranked hospitals in a 25-mile radius, and five that are ranked highly for geriatric care. The leading hospital is Methodist Hospitals of Memphis, with five top-ranked procedures including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease care, colon cancer treatment options and heart failure research. 

Additionally, many of the other area hospitals also rank well in these categories alongside excellent treatment options for broken hips and knee replacement surgeries. Lastly, this metropolitan area, which also services large areas in Arkansas and Mississippi, is world-renowned for kidney care.

Senior Health Rating in Memphis, Tennessee

While much of Tennessee is still building out its overall healthcare infrastructure around the aging populace, Memphis offers a variety of programs and assistance. Take for instance the OPTIONS for Community Living state-funded program, public guardianship plan and state health insurance assistance program. These are just a handful of options that can be coupled with information-based seminars and nutrition programs. 

Residents of Memphis should take some time to educate themselves on the leading causes of death in the area as they range in severity and include heart disease, stroke, firearm-related deaths, accidents and kidney disease. Overall, however, the area is incredibly affordable and close to museums that feature “The King” himself alongside the likes of other great rock and roll artists like Jerry Lee Lewis. 

Other City Considerations

With an aging senior populace and nearly 50,000 residents nearing retirement age, Memphis is quickly becoming a destination for those wanting to age in place with dignity. A senior that is concerned about their health, mental dexterity and well-being might consider investing in a medical alert device that pairs with a paid subscription service. Having ready access to a network of providers and call centers will allow an older person to feel more confident while moving about their home, as well as exploring Memphis.

Kate Papenberg - Senior Advisor

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