Medical Alerts for Seniors in Miami, Florida

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Miami, Florida

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Medical alerts are lightweight, water-resistant systems that can send a signal to alert emergency personnel when attention is required. The devices are most commonly worn by seniors or those who are disabled and may require emergency personnel to be dispatched as the result of a fall or other life-threatening emergency. The devices can be worn comfortably and discreetly at all times, even while in the shower. 

Additionally, the systems can be utilized anywhere within the United States. When the alert button is pressed, the device immediately transmits a wireless signal to the monitoring center, alerting them of an emergency. 

Population Density

Miami is the county seat of Florida's Miami-Dade County, and is the most populous city in the Miami metropolitan area. It's estimated that Miami has a population of more than 440,000. The city’s 20 percent proportion of seniors (65 years or older) is the highest in the United States. It is estimated that the Miami population of seniors will double by the year 2040. Every senior’s aging experience is unique. Some will be more active and healthy and live independently, while others may struggle with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Fortunately, a medical alert system can be beneficial in providing a lifeline to help for any senior in any health condition.  

Emergency Response Times

The city of Miami is committed to excellence in every aspect of emergency response. All firefighters are trained in both emergency medical response and fire suppression. Furthermore, the frontline firefighters must obtain certification as EMTs, and more than half have proceeded on to obtain the higher certification of Paramedic. 

In 2014, Miami’s EMS responded to over 3,000 requests for an ambulance, or about nine calls per day. The average response time was 9 minutes and 21 seconds. The city strives to improve response times by hiring additional staff and utilizing additional emergency vehicles. 

Medical Facilities in Miami, Florida

The latest report by The Leapfrog Group, a non-profit organization, confirms that most Miami area hospitals are maintaining high safety standards. In its study, 24 of the area’s 45 hospitals received an "A" rating. In a previous study, only 22 hospitals in the city earned an "A” rating. Unfortunately, there was also a drop in some of the Leapfrog scores. The University of Miami Hospital scores decreased from a grade of "C" to a "D." This facility has not achieved a score above a "C" since Leapfrog began issuing its ratings in the spring 2012.

Senior Health Rating in Miami, Florida

During the past century, it has been reported that a major shift has occurred in leading acute, chronic and degenerative diseases. Unfortunately, seniors living with chronic diseases often experience a diminished quality of life, reflected generally by extended periods of decline and disability. In Miami, over 60 percent of adults aged 65 years or older have high blood pressure, and nearly 25 percent are obese. In addition, nearly 50 percent of the senior population reports to have been diagnosed with diabetes. According to the National Diabetes Statistics Report in 2014, this figure nearly doubles the proportion of those with diabetes in the entire country. Other common diseases reported include obesity, cancer, depression/anxiety, asthma and bone fractures.

Other City Considerations

Miami is one of the biggest cities in America. It was built around many nature trails and parks, making outdoor activities accessible to those of any age. There are a number of options for senior citizens to explore the outdoors, such as golfing, biking, walking, yoga, meditation and tennis. A GPS medical alert system allows seniors to be active while maintaining their independence. When an emergency occurs, a quick response time is critical. A device that has GPS capabilities allows seniors to receive help quickly, increasing their chances of survival and recovery.

T. Mashae Pearson - Senior Advisor

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