Medical Alerts for Seniors in Minnesota

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Minnesota

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Minnesota is most certainly known for its many lakes, touting itself as the land of over 10,000 small bodies of water, but did you know that it consistently ranks as one of the nation’s best places to live, work and retire? Moreover, this Great Lake state is fast becoming a go-to locale for those aged 65. 

This is in part due to the vast network of excellent care centers as well as the one-of-a-kind Minnesota Board on Aging, or MBA. This collection of advocates, advisors, doctors and more can help you get the care you need regardless of whether you have a mobile or in-home medical alert system.

Population Density

Minnesota, like much of the greater Midwest region of the United States, continues to see an uptick in the number of folks nearing retirement age. Of the nearly five million folks who call this state home, over 800,000 are now ages 65 or older. This is a two percent increase from just six years ago when that number was less than three-quarters of a million people. 

Minnesota still lands in the bottom 25 percent of states with younger demographics, which is not necessarily a bad thing when one considers the vast number of universities and strong medical programs within and across the Twin Cities region.

Emergency Response Times

Minnesota can lay claim to some great long-term care facilities, such as the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and seniors here have some of the lowest emergency response wait times in the country. What’s more, older adults waited, on average, several hours less in Minnesota as compared to other states for broken bone care (41 minutes), transfers to private rooms (69 minutes) and final discharge (90 minutes). 

Medical Care in Minnesota

Minnesota is not just great for first responder care, but also for more long-term assistance and care. The costs for assisted living came in near the national average, or roughly $41,000, while nursing homes ran approximately $84,000 per year. While this might not sound affordable, Minnesota was ranked number 11 by WalletHub for affordability, quality of life and overall health-related care. 

This was confirmed by U.S. News and McKinsey & Company, which rated the stated as #7 and #10, respectively, based on older adult dental care (#3), wellness visit access (#27), affordability (#7), health enrollment (#3), overall access (#10), quality of care (#17) and public healthcare (#6). Such top rankings may be the result of heavy investment per capita, which averaged $8,871.

Senior Health Rating in Minnesota

There is more to senior health in Minnesota than just the basics. The many outdoor activities and safe cities allow older adults to remain fit, adopt good habits and age in place longer. Overall well-being should not be brushed aside, since comfort in our golden years is paramount to continued longevity and stays away from the hospital. If, however, you find that you may be growing more frail or uncertain of your memory, then there are a host of alternatives put forth by the MBA program, including Medicare explanation seminars, enrollment help, advance care planning and legal advice. All of the aforementioned pair nicely with medical alert systems and pendants for all-around great access to care.

Other State Considerations

Minnesota might seem to have it all, with its great access to care and long-term planning tools, but the older adult may still need to invest in a mobile or in-home medical alert system based on their specific needs. Affordability is not a huge issue when living in Minnesota, however, which grants seniors more choice when it comes to selecting a pendant or alert for their condition. 

The safety and security that comes with being just a simple click away from immediate medical assistance might only be trumped by one’s ability to age in place within the comfort of their own home alongside Minnesota’s Great Lakes. 

Kate Papenberg - Senior Advisor

Kate is senior researcher with Grandfolk® providing in-depth product and service reviews to empower senior buying decisions.