Medical Alerts for Seniors in Norfolk, Virginia

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Norfolk, Virginia

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When accidents happen, it is best to be prepared. Regardless of who is at fault, an older adult might want to have a powerful medical alert device or at least one that has cellular capability and is programmed to dial a team of trained specialists, in the event he or she is unable to explain what happened or how best to administer care. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Population Density

Norfolk, Virginiais home to nearly one quarter of a million people, or 247,000 folks. Of those persons, only 22,000 are age 65 and over.The onset of baby boomers is even smaller, at just 9,000 folks. These numbers might appear misleading, especially when one considers that the overall state is a popular retirement destination and boasts an over 65-crowd that tops 14 percent for the entire population. Retirees in Norfolk should expect to see about 5.5 million visitors per year, with the summer months being the most chaotic.

Emergency Response Times

Wait times in urgent care could be longer in Norfolk than in other parts of Virginia. The state averages only a 19-minute initial wait followed by 39 minutes for pain treatment and 91 minutes for a full admission. Discharge adds another 137 minutes, but, all said and done, an older person will only be away from home for four hours. Ambulatory transfer times closer to the beach will add at least another 36 minutes. Seniors who invest in good roadside assistance programs as well as cellular-enabled medical alert devices could begin receiving care sooner, as first responders could begin treatment en route to hospital.

Medical Facilities in Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk’s healthcare system boasts 25 medical centers with four receiving top marks and high-performance ratings from the U.S. News and World Report. Of those hospitals, 12 are ranked specifically for geriatric care. Two are well known for their advanced treatment in the fields of cardiology, endocrinology, pulmonology, and urology. The area is well-known for being military friendly and offers outstanding care for veterans. Many VA centers will even go so far as to offer free medical alert devices that seniors can program with contacts and phone numbers.

Senior Health Rating in Norfolk, Virginia

Older citizens in Norfolk, Virginia should be aware that cancers, heart disease and various accidents are the leading causes of death for their demographic. Also, taking steps to reduce stress during the busy tourist season could go far in preserving optimal health.

Other City Considerations

Norfolk, Virginia is a diverse town that is very much unlike the more reserved and quiet areas more inland from the sea. The city boasts over 35 miles of beach, which means a much younger demographic during the spring and summer. This can also mean more visits from family and friends. In the event an older adult is involved in an emergency or incident, then having ready access to a medical alert device could mean quicker care as first responders can begin administering treatment while traveling to one of the many urgent care centers throughout the city.

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