Medical Alerts for Seniors in Orlando, Florida

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Orlando, Florida

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A medical alert system can help seniors to maintain their independence as they age. Medical alert systems are easy to use and serve as an effective means to ensure peace of mind and safety. Seniors should not have to live in fear of what may happen when they are alone. A medical alert provides assurance that they will be protected at all times.

When the alert button is pressed, the senior will be immediately connected to an agent on a two-way speaker. Systems can also be programmed with custom phone numbers. When the alert button is pressed, the system will begin calling the numbers. If there is no answer, the system will default and call 911.

Population Density

Orlando has an estimated population of 254,000. It is estimated that nearly 10 percent of the population is comprised of seniors, and nearly 35 percent of those seniors live alone. Orlando is located in the central part of the state and is often referred to as The Beautiful City and The Theme Park Capital of the World. Due to its many theme parks, Orlando receives more than 50 million tourists each year—more visits than any other city in the nation, including 5 million from other countries.

Active seniors in Orlando are at a higher risk of falling. Fortunately, many medical alert systems offer advanced fall detection technology. This technology identifies a fall and will automatically alert medical emergency services. Fall detection is an invaluable feature to seniors who may be unconscious or immobilized after a fall.

Emergency Response Times

An independent company recently collected data on Orlando’s emergency response times. The research found that response times to rural areas averaged 21 minutes for 90 percent of the calls. Response times in the city averaged 10 minutes for 95 percent of calls. The city is striving to improve these response times by cross-training its firefighters and paramedics, enabling them to transport sick and injured patients to the hospital in less time.

Medical Facilities in Orlando, Florida

To aid patients in choosing reputable medical facilities, U.S. News evaluated statistics and data for thousands of hospitals. Orlando Regional Medical Center achieved the highest rating possible in nine procedures and conditions. To be nationally ranked in a procedure or condition, a hospital must excel in providing care and treatment to the most medically complex patients. Orlando Regional Medical Center ranked high in multiple areas and is nationally ranked in five specialties and nine procedures and conditions. It is a general medical and surgical facility that also serves as a teaching hospital.

Senior Health Rating in Orlando, Florida

Chronic diseases and conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, emphysema, obesity, asthma and heart disease are common in the Orlando area. Since chronic diseases are long-term conditions, it is imperative for seniors to not only be educated, but also learn self-management strategies. Several county health department programs are available to aid seniors in learning ways to better manage their conditions. Fortunately, medical alert systems can contact emergency personnel on behalf of the senior. These medical alert devices are portable, small, and even waterproof, so they can be used anywhere in the home.

Other City Considerations

There are a variety of reasons why seniors choose to retire in Orlando, including outdoor recreation and the many entertainment options. Surveys show that 84 percent of Orlando seniors enjoy regular independent outdoor activities, compared to 75 percent of seniors nationally. In addition to being an exciting place, Orlando is also an affordable place to retire, with the cost of living being nearly 10 percent lower than the United States average.

Seniors who enjoy the adventure that Orlando has to offer may want to invest in a medical alert system. This device can aid in keeping seniors safe by providing a direct link to emergency care in the event of a mishap. There are a variety of medical alert options on the market, guaranteeing that each senior will find a device to fit their needs.  

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