Medical Alerts for Seniors in Plano, Texas

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Plano, Texas

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If a senior is concerned about their safety as well as their ability to stay in their home as long as possible, then investing in a medical alert device might just be the solution. An in-home monitoring system is a great investment for many seniors, as many can detect a fall simply by way of a motion sensor. What’s more, many of these devices work in the shower and have a long range capacity for use in the yard, barn or garage.

Population Density

Plano, Texas is just one portion of the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex. This massive geographic region includes 13 counties and is home to 7.4 million people. That’s a quarter of the entire population of Texas, which has 28 million folks in total. Plano itself is relatively small, with just over 280,000 persons—11.6 percent of whom are ages 65 and older. This percentage is expected to grow. 

Emergency Response Times

Due to the considerable size of the DFW metroplex, there are more than a handful of emergency response centers that first responders can choose from when alerted by a senior in need. That said, a senior can speed this response time by having ready access to an alert button or fall-detection device. 

When calling for assistance, an older adult should expect to wait approximately 19 minutes just for transit with an additional 46 minutes if they fell and broke a bone. Admittance procedures run another 102 minutes and discharge is a whopping 134 minutes. Having access to medical information can certainly speed these wait times.

Medical Facilities in Plano, Texas

Plano boasts a plethora of great medical facilities. A present, the count is 19 and only growing. That said, quantity does not necessarily equate to quality, as none of those facilities have any rankings for geriatric care or specialty adult procedures. The state has been penalized for substandard access to care by the federal government, but continues to struggle with getting access to all those in need. 

Senior Health Rating in Plano, Texas

The leading causes of death in Plano include issues surrounding heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory complications and stroke. Thus, seniors that are ready to prolong their golden years might also want to invest in two-way medical devices that put them in touch with nurses who can aid them with various concerns. There are many means toward a healthier lifestyle and sometimes all it takes is a little help by way of a phone call. 

Other City Considerations

Plano, Texas offers a vast array of activities for seniors to enjoy. There are museums and rodeos to be had, but it is advisable that seniors take precautions with their health. This includes not only eating right, exercising daily and developing good habits, but quitting the bad ones. There are a lot of tools that can aid in the cessation of smoking while simultaneously ensuring that seniors have access to call centers, hotlines or first responders in the event they need assistance with maximizing their golden years.

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