Medical Alerts for Seniors in Seattle, Washington

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Seattle, Washington

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have listed falls as the leading cause of accident-related injuries among seniors. Fortunately, seniors can use medical alert systems as a means of receiving immediate medical assistance during an emergency. By pressing the alert button, the senior will be immediately connected to an agent at a monitoring center, who will acknowledge the senior and assess the emergency. Systems can also be upgraded to include GPS and fall detection capabilities, for seniors who may need closer supervision.

Population Density

Seattle’s population is estimated to be 705,000. The numbers of seniors has increased by 23 percent since 2000; twice the rate of the general population increase, according to data collected from the U.S. Census Bureau. The 2010 Census indicates that 300,000 seniors over the age of 60 live in Seattle; however, data also suggests that by 2025, the senior population there will exceed 500,000. Nearly one in four county residents will be age 65 or older. It is also projected that the senior population will triple by the year 2050. 

Emergency Response Times

Seattle Emergency Department’s target response time for priority calls is to arrive in less than seven minutes. Unfortunately, they consistently miss their target goal in certain areas of town. The area near Seattle University usually receives fast emergency response times, averaging well under five minutes. In contrast, the Blue Ridge/North Beach section of Northwest Seattle consistently receives response times averaging 14 minutes. A newly designed high-tech center will provide instant analysis of 911 data and trends. Officials hope that its implementation will help emergency response teams respond to calls more efficiently.

Medical Facilities in Seattle, Washington

Hospitals in Seattle were ranked according to their performance and complexity in medical specialties. University of Washington Medical Center is ranked first as the best hospital in the state. The facility was also nationally ranked as high performing in ten adult specialties and five conditions and procedures. The facility is a general medical and surgical facility which also serves as a teaching hospital. Harborview Medical Center ranked third in the Seattle area and fourth in the state. Northwest Hospital & Medical Center also received high markings, ranking seventh in Seattle and ninth in the state. Finally, Valley Medical Center ranked 11th in Seattle and 14th in the state.  Each facility was also recognized on U.S. News’ Best Hospitals list.

Senior Health Rating in Seattle, Washington

Diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease are the leading diseases in Seattle. Seniors that live with these diseases may experience many challenges; however, a medical alert system can ensure that help can be called in the event of an emergency. Data suggests that seniors can expect to live longer than ever before. Once they reach age 65, the data suggests that making healthy lifestyle choices, such as losing weight, quitting smoking, being physically active and eating a healthy diet, can aid seniors in avoiding additional health risks.

Other City Considerations

Seniors should have the freedom to live with security and assurance that they can receive medical help when needed. Medical alert systems provide a variety of devices and services to enable seniors to live independently in their homes. Quite simply, medical alert systems allow seniors to call for help with the push of a button on an alert pendant alarm device. 

If a senior falls, becomes ill, or has a safety concern such as a fire or break-in, the alert button can be pressed and they will be immediately connected with an agent. Medical alert systems can be used to keep seniors safe anywhere in Seattle, while also enabling them to be independent and live longer in their own homes. 

T. Mashae Pearson - Senior Advisor

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