Medical Alerts for Seniors in St. Petersburg, Florida

Medical Alerts for Seniors in St. Petersburg, Florida

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As seniors age, many become concerned about experiencing a medical emergency or falling when they are alone. A medical alert system can be utilized to help alleviate the worry. If a medical emergency occurs when a senior is alone, the alert button can be pressed, immediately connecting the senior to a live agent who will first offer reassurance,then dispatch help.

As an added benefit, a senior can summon emergency help 24/7 when the alert button is pressed. A medical alert system allows seniors to live an active or independent lifestyle while also staying protected. The systems may be upgraded to include a variety of features, such as GPS, fall detection and health monitoring. 

Population Density

St. Petersburg is a modern and beautiful city that is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and TampaBay. The city is the fourth-most populated area in the state of Florida, with an estimated population of 260,000. St. Petersburg is the 78th largest city in the United States. It is estimated that more than 15 percent of the population is comprised of seniors over the age of 65. It is also suggested that more than 30 percent of the senior population lives alone.

Fortunately, medical alert systems can be utilized to provide peace of mind to seniors who live alone. If an emergency occurs, the alert button can be pressed, prompting an agent to dispatch help.

Emergency Response Times

EMS professionals in St. Petersburg utilize a variety of emergency vehicles in the performance of their duties. Their fleet includes many fire engines that can double as EMS vehicles to respond to medical emergencies. Advanced Life Support vehicles have paramedics on board, with a full array of advanced life support medical equipment. At any given time, the city of St. Petersburg has nearly 70 ambulances that can be deployed. The city’s average response time is 6 minutes, 30 seconds—exceptionally lower than the national average response time of eight minutes.

Medical Facilities in St. Petersburg, Florida

Bayfront Medical Center is the primary medical facility in St. Petersburg. The facility is one of the longest standing hospitals in the area and has gained a reputation as being an on profit teaching hospital which provides a variety of services. In this facility, seniors have access to emergency care, as well as orthopedic and rehabilitation services. Bayfront Medical Center also offers trauma care. The facility received a five-star rating from Health grades and also received two quality awards.

Responding to a mounting need for more tailored emergency care for the senior population, St. Petersburg General Hospital recently implemented an emergency program tailored to the fastest-growing demographic: senior citizens. The Senior Care Emergency Room is part of an emerging national trend in which the hospital’s existing emergency department was overhauled and refurbished to better accommodate the needs of the senior population.

Senior Health Rating in St. Petersburg, Florida

Many seniors in St. Petersburg suffer from a variety of chronic diseases, where early detection and proper management are vital to living an active and healthy life. Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and high cholesterol are some of the most common diseases seniors are faced with in St. Petersburg. Medical alert systems can be utilized to help ensure that seniors can safely manage their diseases. Seniors with life-threatening diseases such as diabetes can especially benefit from having a medical alert system. Health conditions may deteriorate quickly without immediate emergency response.

Other City Considerations

St. Petersburg has been considered an idyllic retirement destination for decades. The city has been nicknamed The Sunshine City and has an average of 360 days of sunshine reported each year. The city provides seniors with a humid and warm destination, in addition to affordable housing. Medical alert devices can be worn to allow seniors to experience everything St. Petersburg has to offer. If emergency care is needed, the senior can press the alert button and be immediately connected to a monitoring center. Medical alert devices are waterproof and can even be worn to the beach. A medical alert system can provide a senior with the comfort of knowing that help is always just moments away.

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