Medical Alerts for Seniors in Stockton, California

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Stockton, California

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Seniors who elect to reside in sunny Stockton, California should make sure they keep their health and safety a top priority. There are a bevy of medical alert devices that not only provide confidence to those who elect to age in place, but also offer two or three-way communication with family, friends and call centers in the event their safety is in jeopardy.

Population Density

Stockton, California, like the rest of the greater East Bay area, continues to see robust growth in younger and older population groups. Based strictly on numbers, California is home to the largest number of older adults, with Florida claiming the highest percentage of those ages 60 and older. The state of California anticipates seeing an overall growth in the older demographic by roughly 112 percent, with some counties projected to exceed 200 percent growth by 2020. 

Emergency Response Times

As a valley town between Sacramento and San Francisco, one would anticipate excellent emergency response times for the elderly. While this holds true for those most centrally located, older folks along the I-5 corridor will more than likely have to endure long travel times of 20 to 40 minutes just to travel a few miles. Once an older person reaches the ER, the wait averages over 20 minutes just to be seen. If the senior needs a bone set, that will incur an additional 141 minutes to be admitted and 55 minutes for pain treatment. Discharge wait times can total as much as 161 minutes. 

That seven-hour duration could be lessened, however, if the senior has a medical alert device, so that staff can rapidly gain access to medical notes and treatment plans.

Medical Facilities in Stockton, California

Medical facilities in Stockton, California are often inundated with people waiting to be treated for injuries from accidents. If a senior is able, then it is highly advisable they try to make it to San Francisco or Sacramento, where there are three nationally ranked geriatric care facilities. The UCSF Medical Center was ranked 10th in the country for 15 adult specialty procedures, with both John Muir medical centers receiving high performing marks for the treatment of cancer, diabetes, endocrinology, gastroenterology and follow-up support for heart surgery. 

Senior Health Rating in Stockton, California

Each year, Stockton analyzes the overall health of the city in order to better allocate funding and understand the needs of its citizenry. The 2016 report highlighted the effects that result from factors such as obesity, diabetes, violence, injury and substance abuse. What was most alarming to city officials was the economic insecurity, poor access to housing and substandard access to medical care felt by many on the Medi-Cal plan. 

In order to combat such issues, and to improve the overall quality of life for those ages 60 and older, the city is building out its multipurpose senior service program, which includes meals and education programs for those who provide services to senior citizens. 

Other City Considerations

While California is a great state to retire, there are many considerations that an older adult should take into account in order to maximize their quality of life. Medical alert response systems linked to subscription-based call centers are great for those worried about a fall, spill or worse. Additionally, many of these systems can also connect someone with a simple question to a nurse, ombudsmen or family member. The decision to retire in Stockton, California ultimately resides with the older adult in question, but a bit of due diligence can go a long way in preventing any issues when it comes to care, safety and economic security.

Kate Papenberg - Senior Advisor

Kate is senior researcher with Grandfolk® providing in-depth product and service reviews to empower senior buying decisions.