Medical Alerts for Seniors in Tampa, Florida

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Tampa, Florida

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Medical alert services provide an emergency response safety net for individuals in need. They can enable a senior to continue living an independent lifestyle. A senior can wear a medical alert pendant and if a calamity should strike, then the senior can simply press the button on the pendant to be placed in immediate contact with a skilled and highly trained operator. The operator will discuss the situation with the senior and dispatch first responders. With medical alert services, a senior is never alone.

Population Density

There are 377,000 residents in Tampa. The senior population is a burgeoning 18.7 percent and growing every day. One in five of the city’s residents is a senior. Within the city, over 30 percent of the seniors live alone. In such cases, a medical alert service is highly beneficial. Estimates vary, but most researchers agree that in the next decade, the population of seniors will double as the baby boomers continue to reach retirement.

Emergency Response Times

The average emergency response time in the U.S. hovers at around eight minutes. The city of Tampa strives to improve on that response time. The only complaint that has been issued about Tampa’s first responders in recent years focuses on the fact that EMTs are taking too long once on the scene before proceeding to the hospital with the patient.

The timeframe that it takes for an emergency response team to reach the victim, stabilize the individual, then proceed to the hospital is often the golden hour between life and death when every second truly matters. Although response times in Tampa remain optimal, EMTs must work to improve the time it takes them to get the patient to the hospital.

Medical Facilities in Tampa, Florida

Tampa General was bestowed the number one spot for the best hospital in the Tampa Bay area by U.S. News and World Report. The hospital is nationally ranked in six adult specialties. It is also considered to be high performing in three adult specialties and six procedures/conditions. St. John’s Hospital was given the number three spot in the area. There is little doubt that the numerous medical facilities located in and around Tampa offer superior medical care for all age groups.

Senior Health Rating in Tampa

The year-round sunshine and the ample recreational activities in the Tampa Bay area help keep seniors healthy. The city is home to 100-plus golf courses, which makes it one of the country’s leading retirement meccas as golf enthusiasts flock to the area. Unfortunately, obesity in the retired population of the city is a growing concern. Tampa is home to an obese population of 26 percent and out of those residents, many are seniors. Obesity puts a senior at an increased risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and even some cancers.

Other City Considerations

The senior population of Tampa is ever-growing and expanding. The area is home to over 100 independent senior housing communities. With medical alert services, living an active and independent life has never been easier.

Many medical alert pendants boast fall detection. If a senior falls, the pendant will immediately summon help. Pendants with GPS capabilities are also available to protect a senior when they are away from home by allowing first responders to locate the wearer if they should become lost or disoriented.

Medical alert services can provide valuable peace of mind for seniors and their loved ones, who will know that help is always only a button-push away.

Kimberly Sharpe - Senior Advisor

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