Medical Alerts for Seniors in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Medical alert systems were specifically designed to help protect seniors in case of an emergency. These systems can also help seniors to remain independent by providing a direct line of assistance. Medical alert systems allow seniors to be instantly connected with a live agent, 24/7. Furthermore, the devices can be worn at all times, even in the shower. 

When it isn’t possible to reach a phone, help can still be summoned by simply pressing the alert button. When the button is pressed, the senior will be immediately connected to an agent, who will assess the situation and provide the appropriate assistance. 

Population Density

Virginia Beach is considered to be a senior-friendly resort city. It is an independent city, not attached to a county, which consists of many miles of beaches. Virginia Beach is often described as the perfect place for seniors to enjoy their golden years. The city’s population is estimated to be 450,000. It is predicted that over the next 10 years, the population will begin to shift older. 

By 2030, researchers predict that one of every five residents will be older than the age of 65. According to the University of Virginia, Virginia Beach’s growing senior population could account for more than half of the state’s total population growth in the future. 

Emergency Response Times

The Virginia Beach Emergency Response Team consists of volunteers. A recent 10-month investigation revealed that the response system is outdated and poorly organized. This investigation exposed numerous problems with Virginia Beach's Volunteer Emergency Response Team. Only 60 percent of emergency calls received were responded to within six minutes. It was also noted that the volunteers are often understaffed and overworked, and in a majority of the cases, rescues were delayed because members became lost when attempting to find the neighborhoods. 

Fortunately, medical alert systems can be customized to include GPS capabilities. This added feature allows the monitoring center to accurately pinpoint the senior’s location through GPS. Once located, the operator communicates directly with the senior through the medical alert device.

Medical Facilities in Virginia Beach, Virginia

In an attempt to rate the standards of hospitals, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services compared data for nearly 5,000 hospitals. Also considered in the study were surveys from patients. The hospitals were ranked from worst to first in regards to in-patient care. In its latest report, no hospital in the city earned a perfect score, however, Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital and Sentara Princess Anne Hospital earned nearly perfect scores, with four out of five stars. Fortunately, no hospitals in the city received one star. 

Senior Health Rating in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital conducted a community health rating assessment in 2017. The assessment provided an overall snapshot of the community’s health status. The assessment also provided additional information regarding health and health-related problems. In the study, over 20 important health concerns were identified, such as chronic disease, obesity, mental health and stroke statistics. 

The leading illnesses in the area were: cancer, chronic lower respiratory disease and heart disease. In addition, a substantial number of seniors have chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis and asthma.

Other City Considerations

Virginia Beach is one of Virginia’s most beautiful and bountiful regions. The city is rich in natural beauty, history and culture, and is a prime destination for retirees. Seniors who choose to take advantage of the city’s beautiful beaches may find reassurance in knowing that medical alert systems are wearable and waterproof, and can summon emergency help or contact a loved one with the press of the button. Any senior who may be at risk of falling or having a medical emergency may benefit from such a device. It allows for independent living, in and away from home.  

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