Medical Alerts for Seniors in Wichita, Kansas

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Wichita, Kansas

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A medical alert system may serve as a valuable resource for any senior who desires to have an added layer of security. In the event of an emergency, a medical alert system ensures that help will be available when the alert button is pressed. These devices can be especially beneficial to seniors who live alone, seniors who have previously fallen, or those who have an existing medical condition. 

If an emergency occurs, there is no guarantee the senior will have access to a telephone to call for help. However, if the senior is wearing a medical alert device, help will always be just a touch away.  

Population Density

Wichita is the largest city, by population, in Kansas. It is estimated that the population of Wichita is around 390,000. Studies show that in the coming decades, the demographics of the United States are going to look very different. The Center for Economic Development and Business Research projects that in less than 20 years, residents in Wichita that are older than 65 will outnumber those younger than 18.  

It is expected that many residents will leave rural Kansas and 80 percent of the state will live in the metropolitan areas by 2064. It is also expected that by 2064, 26 percent of the entire state’s population will live in Wichita.

Emergency Response Times

The call volume at Wichita’s EMS has increased by a three to four percent rate each year. A 2017 review found that Wichita was exceeding standard emergency response times. The goal for non-emergency calls was a 60-minute response time. In recent years, the goal was only achieved 83 percent of the time. Due to added resources and a new proposed agreement with the county EMS this year, the city is now in compliance with the set goal at least 96 percent of the time. 

Medical Facilities in Wichita, Kansas

U.S. News researched data on thousands of hospitals across the United States. The research was compiled as a means to help patients decide which facility to use for treatment. As a condition of being nationally ranked in a specialty, the facility needed to surpass all standards in the areas of patient care and complexity of ailments. Wesley Medical Center, a general medical and surgical facility was the only hospital in the area to receive high marks and excel in performing in adult procedures and conditions. 

Senior Health Rating in Wichita, Kansas

Chronic diseases are prevalent in Wichita’s senior community. The most common diseases are diabetes, arthritis, cancer, stroke and heart disease.  Although the previously listed diseases are common, heart disease, stroke, and cancer have shown a significant decrease in diagnoses in the past decade. Despite a decreasing trend in select chronic diseases, stroke, cancer, and diabetes still accounted for approximately half of all deaths in Kansas in 2016. 

Many seniors that live with chronic conditions agree that one of the most common, and frightening, symptoms of a chronic illness is the increased risk of falling. The best benefit a medical alert system can provide is a peace of mind. Seniors can feel safe and more secure knowing that if an emergency should occur, help would only be moments away.

Other City Considerations

In a 2016 study completed by WalletHub, Wichita ranked as the seventh-worst city in which to retire. Although the state may be a less desired location to retire, it may be worth visiting for the fun activities and natural beauty it possesses. A study completed by AARP indicates that nearly 90 percent of seniors would love to travel and visit new places during their retirement. Fortunately, medical alert systems can be utilized by seniors as they travel. 

These mobile devices can also be upgraded to include GPS capabilities, so that in the event of an emergency, an agent at the monitoring center can pinpoint the senior’s exact location anywhere in the United States. 

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