Medical Alerts for Seniors in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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If a senior is concerned about their mental, physical and fiscal health while aging in place, then a medical alert device might be a good investment. Trained staff are available 24/7/365 and can assist a senior if they feel especially weak or fatigued, or have any type of medical emergency.

Population Density

Winston-Salem, North Carolina continues to see an influx of retirees from the Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh areas. The relatively low cost of living is a huge draw for folks, as is the small-town feel and ready access to the mountains and ocean. Winston-Salem has approximately 30,300 persons over the age of 65 and another 25,000 projected in the next ten years.

Emergency Response Times

With an anticipated influx of retirees in addition to those boomers planning to age in place, residents of Winston-Salem, North Carolina will only see their wait times in urgent care increase in the coming years. At present, the state already fairs poorly when it comes to time spent in the emergency room, with a ranking of 9th-worst in the nation.

That translates to over 26 minutes spent in the waiting area followed by 110 minutes to be admitted and another 153 minutes for discharge. Care for a broken bone will take 54 minutes and long-term care might require a transfer to another site in the local area. Travel time to the emergency room averages between 10 to 40 minutes, but many folks elect to travel from sites in Virginia such as those in Patrick Country, which can take over one hour.

Medical Facilities in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Winston-Salem boasts 17 top-rated hospitals, with Wake Forest Baptist Medical leading the way. This hospital is ranked 33rd in the nation for geriatric care and specializes in four adult procedures, with an even more focused approach on seven conditions including cancer treatment, orthopedics, diabetes, hip replacements and knee replacements.

Seniors may also want to consider other local hospitals like Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center or the Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital for long-term treatment.

Senior Health Rating in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The leading causes of death in Forsyth County mirror those of the United States as a whole. More specifically, cancers, heart disease, and stroke are problematic in the region. Unintentional injuries saw a large increase in the last few years as did pneumonia and septicemia. Older adults can leverage medical alert devices to help them in case of a medical complication or emergency.

Other City Considerations

Winston-Salem is only growing increasingly popular as a retirement destination for populations in Georgia and Virginia looking to decrease their cost of living expenses. While housing is not as expensive as the national average and high-end restaurants are reasonably affordable, many pensioners may still need to stretch their budgets. That said, North Carolina offers a vast array of assistance programs that seniors can take advantage of in the event they need transportation, hospice care or food assistance.

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