Medical Alerts for Seniors in Wyoming

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Wyoming

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A medical alert system is ideal for seniors who desire an added layer of security. It enables seniors to have 24/7 protection at home or away from home. Seniors who live alone are more likely to experience a fall while home alone. During an emergency, a senior can press an alert button that is fitted on a pendant or bracelet.  

When the button is pressed, an operator will immediately assess the situation and send first responders. Operators can ensure that seniors will get the needed help, and will also stay on the line until help arrives. 

Population Density

Wyoming’s population is estimated at 5.8 million. Wyoming’s median age is 38, but it is reported that nearly 15 percent of the total population is aged 65 and older. This population has increased by nearly 11 percent since the year 2000. Aging populations are often the result of younger populations pursuing other economic and educational opportunities, and older populations seeking ideal places to enjoy their retirement. 

Emergency Response Times

According to a recent study, Wyoming has the worst emergency response times in the nation. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data concludes that Wyoming’s slow emergency response times are possibly due to Wyoming being a huge state with very low population density. The study data shows that Wyoming’s average emergency response time was 36 minutes, more than twice as long as the national average of other states. Emergency response officials agree that the high response times may be distorted due to the state’s size and the distance first responders have to travel during emergency calls. 

Medical Care in Wyoming

A variety of categories relating to medical care were compared to determine how each state ranked across the board. The two main points that defined quality medical care in the study were affordability and availability. Wyoming ranked 39th in affordability and 36th in availability. Wyoming’s healthcare is poorly rated due to it being unavailable and very expensive; however, the state’s overall healthcare does produce good results. The state was also ranked on quality of care provided, to ensure that patients were treated with respect and that personal preferences were honored when possible. Wyoming ranked 12th in that category. 

Senior Health Rating in Wyoming

In the latest analysis of national health care quality, the Kaiser Family Foundation compared several factors, including life expectancy, health coverage, diseases and quality of life. The study was performed as a means to determine where seniors were the healthiest in the nation. Expert findings and insights rated Wyoming 31st out of all states. Wyoming hospitals also received a health rating. The hospitals were scored at 2.0 out of 5.0, based on the most recent health inspections.

Other State Considerations

Over the years, Wyoming has become one of the most desired states for seniors to spend their retirement years. Medical alert systems are not limited to indoors. Seniors who choose medical alerts can also take advantage of Wyoming’s national parks, mountains and rivers, and a variety of other outdoor activities. Systems can be upgraded to include mobile capabilities, as well as GPS features. In the event of an emergency, the wireless system allows seniors to communicate directly with the dispatcher. 

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