Medical Alerts Jewelry with GPS for Seniors

Medical Alerts Jewelry with GPS for Seniors

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Seniors who live an active lifestyle can remain assured that they are safe even when they are away from their homes. Medical alert jewelry with GPS ensures that if an emergency occurs anywhere in the United States, help could be only moments away. When the medical alerts button is pressed on the jewelry, the device immediately connects to a wireless cellular network, allowing emergency responders to use cellular signals to determine the senior’s location, typically within a few meters of accuracy.


When the “alert” button is pressed on medical alert jewelry that has GPS, an EMT Certified Operator is notified immediately of the emergency. From the monitoring center, the operator will provide the guidance and reassurance needed, and take the appropriate steps to ensure the emergency is handled efficiently.

Depending on the seriousness of the emergency, they can also notify the senior’s emergency contacts to check on the individual, or if needed, they can contact local emergency personnel. If the senior is not responsive when the button is pressed, the operator automatically contacts the local 911 center and provides the precise location of the emergency.

Advantages of Jewelry with GPS
  • Wireless capabilities: GPS medical alert jewelry operates with wireless cellular technology and provides nationwide coverage in 97% of the inhabited areas of the United States.
  • Emergency mapping: Medical alert jewelry provides emergency online location mapping in the event of an emergency.
  • Saves time: Based on the location of the alert, the closest available emergency responders will be dispatched to the location.
  • Real-time communication: Medical alert jewelry enables emergency response operators to speak directly to the senior in real time.
  • Lightweight: Medical alert jewelry with GPS is designed to be lightweight, usually weighing less than two ounces.
  • Waterproof: Most medical alert jewelry is waterproof and can be worn in a shower or bath.
  • Payment options: Many companies offer month-to-month payment options for jewelry with GPS; unfortunately, this varies between companies.
Disadvantages of Jewelry with GPS
  • Technical issues: Although seniors typically have direct access to emergency personnel when needed, the hardware and software will occasionally need to be updated.
  • Upfront fees:Some companies may charge an upfront cost for the jewelry and equipment.
  • Wireless capability needed:Medical alert jewelry with GPS relies on a cell signal. If a cell signal is not available, the GPS medical alert jewelry may not operate as intended.
Enhancement Options for Jewelry with GPS
  • Possible upgrades: Seniors can choose or upgrade to a network that offers a better range of coverage, depending on where they live. Seniors that live in rural areas should consider a cellular network that provides a large coverage area.
  • Waterproof options: When a senior is in the market for jewelry with GPS, a brand that is water resistant should be considered. This ensures that showers baths can be taken without having to remove the jewelry.
  • Enhanced battery life: Seniors can choose jewelry that has an enhanced battery life, which lasts up to 24 hours before requiring charging.
  • Fall detection: Medical alert jewelry can be equipped with sensors that can detect if a senior falls. When a fall is detected, the medical alert monitoring center is notified of the fall and the senior’s precise location due to the GPS capabilities.
Cost Considerations for Jewelry with GPS

Prices can vary greatly between companies, due to jewelry preferences and possible upgrades. Basic jewelry can start at $9.99 and equipment can start at $29.99. After the senior pays the initial costs for the equipment, the unit belongs to them and the senior will then be responsible for the monthly subscription fee. It should be noted, however, that some companies will include an equipment rental fee with the monthly subscription cost.

In many cases, a senior may only need the medical alert jewelry with GPS temporarily, while others may need long term. Those who need it long term may want to purchase the system outright.

Additional Considerations for Jewelry with GPS

Medical alert jewelry that hasGPS was designed to be used both in and out of the home. Traditional medical alert systems were designed to operate only in and around the home. As more seniors opt to live more active and accommodating lifestyles, medical alert jewelry now operates on a cellular network and provides seniors access to emergency monitoring help whether in or out of their homes.

With GPS tracking capabilities, emergency monitoring personnel can identify the locations of seniors remotely. When compared to traditional medical alert jewelry, medical alert jewelry with GPS capabilities is more attractive, due to the limitations that accompany traditional models.

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