Medical Alerts Key Lock Box for Seniors

Medical Alerts Key Lock Box for Seniors

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When answering emergency calls, first responders will need immediate access to the senior who is in need.When first responders cannot access the home, they may be forced to cause damage to the home as a means of gaining access. If the senior has a secure lock box with door keys stored inside, first responders will be able to access the home, avoiding damage to doors and windows.

Key lock boxes can easily hang on doorknobs, fences or railings, where they can be easily accessible, usually by a four-digit code. The four-digit numeric combination is a pre-set secret number that the senior provides to the operator at the time of the emergency call. The code can be changed at any time.


A key lock box is often a great accessory for seniors who live alone. It plays a critical role when a senior experiences a life-threatening emergency and needs immediate help from emergency responders. Key lock boxes allow ready access to homes for those who have been given the secure and secret combination code.

The secure combination code can be placed on file with the medical alert monitoring center, where it will only be shared with first responders and emergency medical services personnel in the event the senior cannot speak during the emergency. Seniors who prefer not to have their lock boxes visible can choose to place them in a discreet location.

Advantages of a Key Lock Box in Medical Alerts
  • Eliminates worry: Seniors living alone may not have someone to open the door for emergency responders in the event of an emergency.A key lock box eliminates the worry of whether emergency personnel can get into the home during an emergency.
  • Saves time: Every second matters during an emergency. A key lock box gives first responders more time to attend to the senior, rather than trying to figure out a way to access the home.
  • Additional options for spare keys: A key lock box provides seniors with an additional place to store a set of spare keys. It’s more secure than hiding spare keys under doormats or on porches. It is also convenient if the senior is locked out of their home, or can’t remember where they left their keys.
  • Can store multiple keys: Most key lock boxes can safely and securely hold up to five keys. Seniors can store the keys to cars, their home, gates, etc.
  • Durable: Key lock boxes are designed to last for long periods of time. They can withstand the elements of weather and wear and tear. Lock boxes are also reinforced to withstand sawing and hammering.
Disadvantages of a Key Lock Box in Medical Alerts
  • Possible security risk: If seniors are not careful, bystanders or lurkers can peer over their shoulders and see the secure code being entered into the lock box. This can be a severe security risk. Bystanders or lurkers can then memorize the code and come back later for devious purposes.
Enhancement Options for Key Lock Boxes
  • Size options: Key lock boxes can be purchased in multiple sizes. Some of the larger ones can hold up to five keys in a reinforced storage compartment.
  • Placement options: Keylock boxes can be purchased in different designs with various mounting options.Key lock boxes can be placed and locked over door handles or fences or hidden discreetly for security and ease of access for emergency responders.
  • Durability: Key lock boxes are designed to endure tampering and weathering. Seniors can choose from various models, which can include feature such as vaults and secure locking mechanisms
Cost Consideration for Key Lock Boxes in Medical Alerts

The cost of a key lock box is usually $30 or less. It is quite inexpensive compared to the many potential benefits that it offers. Many medical alert companies offer key lock box to seniors, so that they may be used in conjunction with a medical alert system. As a complimentary gift, some companies may offer a free lock box to new customers. Key lock boxes may also be purchased separately. A large variety of key lock boxes can be purchased from hardware stores, online or from local big-box stores. 

Additional Considerations for Key Lock Boxes in Medical Alerts

A key lock box is a potentially life-saving accessory. It can help seniors ensure they can be helped at a time when they may not be able to allow access to emergency personnel. Key lock boxes allow for easy and fast access and are simple and inexpensive. A key lock box can also play a critical role in preventing potential damage to a home during an emergency. In the event of an emergency, seniors can simply press the “help” button to contact an operator.During the call, the senior can advise the operator of the lock box and the code.

Additionally, the code may already be on file with the company, allowing quick and easy access for the first responders. Seniors who choose to use a medical alert system and a lock box may worry significantly less about how they will get help if they can’t unlock the door.

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