Medical Alerts Medallions for Seniors

Medical Alerts Medallions for Seniors

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A medical alert medallion is an inexpensive way to add additional medical information to an existing ID necklace. Seniors should consider purchasing a medallion product if they have a health condition that should be communicated to a medical professional if they are unable to communicate during an emergency. 

Important health conditions that should be communicated include allergies, previous medical procedures, and mental health issues. Medallions can also be custom engraved to include other additional information, such as emergency contacts. Medical medallions are perfect for those who desire both a classy and traditional option.


Medical alert medallions are designed to be comfortable yet stylish. Most importantly, medallions were created to be a lifeline in the event of an emergency. They can provide information that can potentially save one’s life. Medallions can be purchased in gold or silver finishes. They can also be customized to include diamonds or other fashionable preferences. Medical alert medallions can help to keep seniors safe, as they can speak on a senior’s behalf to first responders or other medical personnel should an emergency situation arise.

Advantages of Medallions in Medical Alerts
  • Stylish: Unlike a traditional medical alert necklace, medallions are stylish and comfortable.
  • Accessible medical information: A medical alert medallion is an excellent way to ensure that important medical information is accessible at all times.
  • Custom details: Medical alert medallions can be custom engraved with your medical details, ensuring that medical personnel are aware of your health history in the event of an emergency.
  • Allow for additional information: A medical alert medallion is the ideal accessory to complement your existing medical alert jewelry.Medical personnel can never have too much information.Seniors can enjoy the added peace of mind.
  • Saves time: EMS personnel are trained to look around the neck and wrists for medical alert jewelry. Medical alert jewelry can quickly notify emergency responders of a patient's condition, medications, emergency contacts and more.
Disadvantages of Medallions in Medical Alerts
  • May bring unwanted attention: When seniors choose to wear medical alert medallions, they may warrant unwanted attention to their medical condition or diagnosis. If a senior is a private person by nature, they may feel uncomfortable when wearing a medical alert medallion. Seniors should weigh their options and decide if the the benefit of wearing a medical alert medallion is more important than keeping their medical information private. Of course, the medallion can always be worn in a discreet place underneath clothing.
Enhancement Options for Medallions
  • Variety of style and durability options: Medical alert medallions are as resilient as the material used to create them. Material, design, and durability affects the final cost one may pay for a medallion. Medallions can be purchased in gold, silver and other materials. Seniors may also opt for stainless steel medical alert medallions that are scratch-proof.
  • Stylish yet discreet: Seniors can enjoy the classy beauty of personalized medical alert medallions in a variety of ways.There are several styles of medical alert medallions to choose from. Standard or basic medallions are ideal for daily or casual wear, and discreet to elegant medallions are available for more formal occasions.
  • Custom engraved: Medallions can be custom engraved to communicate health conditions when one cannot speak during an emergency. Seniors can choose the information they wish to engrave, and omit details they do not want showing. Some designs include only one engraved side, while others can allow for more information on the front and back. 
Cost Considerations for Medallions in Medical Alerts

On average, most medical alert medallions range in cost from $29.95 to $89.95.Costs may vary depending on the valuable information that is included on the medallion. Medical alert medallions can include information relating to diabetes, food allergies, medications, or other conditions that may affect a person’s health.

Medical alert medallions enable medical professionals to know about medical and health conditions when the person wearing the medallion is unable to communicate.In addition to being a life-saving asset, with a classic or contemporary design, medical alert medallions can add style to complement any wardrobe.

Additional Considerations for Medallions in Medical Alerts

Medical alert medallions can be worn to notify medical personnel of a senior’s medical conditions and allergies. When medical personnel have the information they need to help the senior, they can properly treat the illness or condition. Medallions can be designed to blend in with other charms or necklaces, but still provide necessary and vital information. A medallion eliminates the need for seniors to carry additional medical information cards. Many seniors choose not to wear the usual medical alert jewelry and are instead opting for medallions and other jewelry options that are less traditional and boring. Some medallions don’t necessarily look like medical alert pieces but are still beneficial and safe to wear.

T. Mashae Pearson - Senior Advisor

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