Medical Alerts for Seniors in Newark, New Jersey

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Newark, New Jersey

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If a senior is worried about maintaining their safety while away from home or just outside in the garden, then they might consider investing in a medical alert device. These devices are discrete and offer unparalleled protection as well as peace of mind. Simply pressing a button can alert first responders to a serious issue or accident. Having ready access to medical personnel means help can be on its way faster.

Population Density

Newark, New Jersey is home to a very diverse population. Overall, the state has an over 65 populace of 15.3 percent. Cape May had the highest over-65 population at 21.6 percent with Sussex and Ocean Counties totaling another 22.2 percent in aggregate. For those who remain in the city, there are still over 41,000 person ages 60 and over who are looking to enjoy family, friends and all Newark has to offer.

Emergency Response Times

Emergency response times in Newark, New Jersey vary greatly. Many medical centers have patients that experience wait times of just 30 minutes, whereas others consistently wait 90 minutes or more. The vast majority of that wait time is attributable to time spent transiting from the site of an accident to the care facility. In order to better utilize the time spent waiting in traffic or at an accident scene, an older adult is encouraged to always carry their identification. Seniors should also think about carrying a medical card in their wallet should they experience a concussion or serious injury which renders them unable to express their medical concerns or list of known allergies. 

Once at the hospital, older adults may experience response times for broken bones of up to 53 minutes with admissions taking 144 minutes and discharge procedures lasting another 155 minutes. Again, having ready access to medical information can speed these response times and get older adults back home.

Medical Facilities in Newark, New Jersey

Newark, New Jersey is located very close to New York City, which hosts a bevy of top-notch medical facilities. The Garden State, and especially Essex County, benefit from this close proximity to the Big Apple by also being close to three medical institutions ranked nationally for their focus on geriatric care. 

These three hospitals, Mount Sinai, NYU Langone and New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell, specialize in a combined 36 adult procedures. Moreover, these institutes scored ‘excellent’ for their 30-day survival rate. Staff at these hospitals also received ‘excellent’ rankings.

Senior Health Rating in Newark, New Jersey

Newark and the greater state of New Jersey saw a marked increase in the number of unintentional deaths in 2016. The years preceding these findings also indicated a greater number of accidents. Having a medical alert device can help seniors not only reach out for help, but also act as reminder alarms to take certain medications. Many also offer nurse hotlines in the event an older adult has a question about a new drug or medical procedure.

Other City Considerations

Newark, New Jersey is not as hot a retirement location as Cape May or Ocean City, but the town still features outstanding access to medical facilities and providers. The cost of living can be a bit extreme, but multiple assistance programs are available. There are also a number of medical alert devices and other detection nodes that seniors can utilize to make sure they are able to enjoy activities and hobbies with peace of mind. 

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