Medical Alerts with Accessories for Seniors

Medical Alerts with Accessories for Seniors

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The importance of your medical alert system is undeniable. It provides you with immediate assistance in the event of an emergency and can truly be a lifesaver. However, many medical alert pendants and wristbands are far from attractive. Purchasing medical alert accessories can change them from mundane to upscale.


Nobody likes to feel old or unattractive with a drab medical alert pendant or bracelet. Yes, you might love feeling safe with your medical alert system, but you may not like people to automatically see the pendant or bracelet. Having a pretty lanyard or necklace is an ideal accessory.

Many are handmade in pretty beads or other materials such as gemstones. You can wear them every day as part of your apparel.There are also slap bands that are soft, comfortable, waterproof and flexible for wristbands. With accessories for medical alerts, you can stay safe and stylish.

Advantages of Medical Alerts with Accessories for Seniors
  • The accessories are stylish and can be worn anywhere.
  • Most medical alert accessories are made to be waterproof, so you can wear them in the shower or bath.
  • They are ideal for both men and women.
  • Medical alert accessories can make you feel more attractive.
  • You can opt to purchase accessories that are as elaborate or simple as you desire.
  • There is an accessory to fit anyone’s style
Disadvantages of Medical Alerts with Accessories for Seniors
  • The accessories can be costly
  • Medical alert accessories may not hold up as well as typical accessories.
  • Many seniors have a difficult time swapping out the medical alert pendants into the accessories because the lobster claws and clips can be small and difficult to see to hook.
Medical Alerts with Accessories for Seniors Enhancement Options

Depending on the manufacturer, there are many accessory enhancement options.

  • One necklace is known as the Pink Ribbon Necklace. It features glass beads with glossy pink ribbons and is fashioned to honor the fight against breast cancer.
  • The silver heart lanyard is ideal as a gift to a loved one or during a special day such as Valentine’s Day.
  • Men may want to consider purchasing the extra wide wristband to wear their medical alert pendant on their wrist in a similar fashion as a wristwatch.
  • Slap bands are a fun way to wear your pendant on your wrist. They are great for both men and women. You can easily put them on without any difficult buckles.
Cost Considerations Associated with Medical Alerts with Accessories for Seniors

Medical alert accessories can be costly. It is not uncommon for them to cost over $100, depending on the materials used to craft the accessories. Often, the accessories are sold as bundles that start out at $59 and up.

  • A necklace starts at $19 and up
  • A slap band starts out at $9 and goes up from there
Additional Considerations for Medical Alerts with Accessories for Seniors

No matter what your age might be, chances are good that you still care about your appearance. Medical alert accessories can make both men and women feel more attractive and trendy. They can truly add the finishing touches to any wardrobe.

You can forego medical alert accessories and only opt to wear the traditional pendant or wristband, but if you want to change things up for an evening or indefinitely, then medical alerts with accessories are a fun option. Medical alert systems are a lifesaver, but there is no reason that they have to appear dull and unattractive.

Kimberly Sharpe - Senior Advisor

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