Medical Alerts with App for Android for Seniors

Medical Alerts with App for Android for Seniors

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A medical alert app can quickly turn your smartphone into a lifesaver. Medical alert apps allow a senior to immediately reach emergency assistance. The app even lets emergency personal pinpoint your location using global positioning services (GPS).


Medical alert services can be easily used with an app on a smartphone. The app not only summons immediate medical assistance,it also offers GPS location services and holds a list of emergency contacts. Many apps are also designed to store your medical information, which can immediately be transmitted to a medical professional. Some apps also offer fall alerts. If you are carrying your phone and it does not detect movement after you have fallen, then it will notify your emergency contacts.

Certain medical alert apps also allow you to text for emergency assistance, which can be ideal if you cannot communicate verbally to reach help. Depending on the app, many offer services in a variety of languages, which is ideal if you are a world traveler. Depending on the medical alert app, you will have the option of either monitored, unmonitored, or an app that dials 911 directly in the event of an emergency.

Advantages of Medical Alerts with App for Android for Seniors
  • Stores your medical information and history
  • Alerts your emergency contacts
  • The app often offers bilingual options
  • GPS services are available
  • Contacts all of your emergency contacts
  • Often features an SOS button
  • Reliable fall detection
  • Many offer a 30-day risk-free trial
  • The app can initiate a call between you and your emergency contacts
  • With a cell phone app, you are not tethered to your home because you can reach emergency help from anywhere.
  • The medical alert app is a great addition to an at-home medical alert system.
  • Apps employ trained emergency response individuals
Disadvantages of Medical Alerts with App for Android for Seniors
  • You must have a cell phone signal or wifi to use the app.
  • Many seniors struggle using a cell phone, which makes an app difficult to utilize, especially in an emergency situation.
  • If you do not carry your cell phone with you constantly, then the app does not do much good.
  • During a fall, your cell phone could break.
  • If you do not regularly charge your cell phone, then it will often be dead and you cannot use it.
  • Many seniors do not regularly turn on their cell phones, so if they fall or sustain a life-threatening emergency, they may not have time to turn their phone on if an emergency should occur.
  • During an emergency, you may become confused and have a difficult time even finding the app on your phone.
  • A medical alert app will not be viable for use in the shower or anywhere that the phone can become wet.
  • Many people misplace their phones.
  • GPS location is not always fully accurate at pinpointing an individual.
App for Android Enhancement Options for Medical Alerts

Some medical alert apps for Android offer premium services.

  • During an emergency, the app will immediately initiate a call between you and emergency personnel.
  • Many of the medical alert Android apps let you activate a loud alarm to immediately bring attention to yourself. This can be great if you fall in a parking lot or suffer some other mishap and need to gain attention from other individuals.
Cost Considerations Associated with Medical Alerts with App for Android for Seniors

Many medical alert Android apps that are fully monitored offer a free 30-day trial period before they start charging for their services. During the trial period of the fully monitored app, you can usually cancel at any time without incurring any fees. The unmonitored apps and 911 apps typically just charge a one-time download fee.

  • Monitored apps usually charge around $20 per month for membership.
  • Unmonitored apps only cost the price of the app’s download, which usually runs around $3. These apps put you in contact with emergency services, but are unmonitored.
  • Android apps that dial 911 directly usually only cost the price of download, which runs around $3.
Additional Considerations of Medical Alerts with App for Android for Seniors

A recent Pew Research Center report found that over 50 percent of seniors use a smartphone. That number grows each year. With the advancing prevalence of smartphone use in individuals over 65, downloading a medical alerts Android app can be highly beneficial. If a person does not want a monthly bill, then they can opt to have an unmonitored or 911 direct app to help put them in touch with emergency services.

Although a medical alerts android app is not designed to replace a full-service medical alert system, it can be highly beneficial when you are away from home or if you forget to carry your medical alert pendant or bracelet.

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