Medical Alerts with App for iPhone for Seniors

Medical Alerts with App for iPhone for Seniors

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A medical alert app for an iPhone can quickly reach out to emergency contacts during a crisis, provide medical history to first responders, and summon help. If you are away from your home and experience an accident or medical emergency, many medical alert apps for iPhones offer global positioning services (GPS) to pinpoint your location.


The medical alert app for an iPhone can be used at home or away from your residence. It transforms your phone into an efficient medical alert system. With one touch of the app’s icon, you can quickly summon emergency assistance, reach out to your emergency contacts, and even transmit your medical history to first responders or the hospital.

Many iPhone apps give you immediate assistance by putting you into contact with certified response agents who have been trained in emergency procedures such as CPR. They can consult your medical file and evaluate your situation. The agent can dispatch emergency help or put you into direct contact with a nurse or physician. During an emergency situation, the agent can conference a 911 dispatch call with your emergency contacts, so everyone is kept abreast of the situation as it unfolds.

Advantages of Medical Alerts with App for iPhone for Seniors
  • The app works effortlessly with an iPhone.
  • It works anywhere that you have a cell phone signal, so it can be used in or away from your home.
  • Trained and certified response agents will answer the phone
  • Can immediately summon emergency assistance.
  • Contacts all of your emergency contacts if a situation should arise
  • Certified response agents can set up a conference call with 911 dispatch.
  • Stores all of your medical information and history
  • Can easily transmit your medical information to hospitals and first responders
  • Offers GPS services
  • Assistance is available in multiple languages.
  • Some apps feature fall detection.
Disadvantages of Medical Alerts with App for iPhone for Seniors
  • Must have an iPhone to run the apps.
  • Requires either a cell phone signal or wifi connection for the app to function.
  • You must constantly carry your cell phone.
  • Monthly fees to use the apps
  • If you fall, you could drop your cell phone and break it.
  • The cell phone must be charged to function.
  • Does not fully replace a medical alert system in your home
  • Many seniors become confused during a medical emergency and may not be able to locate the app on the phone.
  • Seniors may misplace their cell phones
  • The cell phone must be turned on to run the app.
  • GPS location is not always fully accurate.
  • The cell phone app may be too complicated for some seniors to successfully use.
Medical Alerts with App for iPhone Enhancement Options for Medical Alerts

Some medical alert apps for iPhones offer premium services for additional fees.

  • Premium services provide you access to a trained medical responder who can offer CPR advise and other medical information.
  • You can be put into contact with a physician or nurse to answer your questions.
  • GPS location services are often considered a premium service, depending on the iPhone app.
Cost Considerations Associated with Medical Alerts with App for iPhone for Seniors

iPhone medical alert apps vary in the services that they offer. Some are non-monitored and only charge a fee to download the app. Other apps offer monitored services that put you in contact with fully trained response agents. Companies typically offer a 30-day free trial period followed by a monthly fee or yearly charge.

  • iPhone medical apps usually charge a one-time fee of $3 to $10 to download.
  • Monitored iPhone medical apps usually start at $19.99 per month and up.
  • If you opt to pay for a full year of service, many monitored iPhone app services offer a reduced rate and charge only $99.99 per year.
Additional Considerations for Medical Alerts with App for iPhone for Seniors

Even if you already have an at-home medical alert system, the medical alert apps that are available for your iPhone can be beneficial away from home. They can provide peace of mind and the feeling of never being truly alone. As long as you have your phone with you, you can quickly reach help. Ideally, the iPhone app is designed to be used in combination with a whole medical alert system. It offers double safety, especially when you use the app away from home.

Cell phone app designers continue to improve medical apps, and new ones are becoming available at a rapid rate. If you should become lost, disoriented and confused, then you will know that helps is on the way if you have a medical alert iPhone app. Also, if you face a life-threatening emergency, then you can either talk to a doctor or send for first responders to transport you to the hospital. 

Many apps let you simply press a button on your cell phone to be immediately put into contact with responders. With such services, you never have to feel alone again, because help really is only a phone call away.

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