Medical Alerts with Diamond Bracelets for Seniors

Medical Alerts with Diamond Bracelets for Seniors

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If you suffer from a serious allergy or a life-threatening health condition, then opting to wear a medical alert bracelet can be lifesaving. However, there is no reason that you have to wear an unattractive, standard bracelet that does not compliment your wardrobe. Nowadays, medical alert bracelets that feature both real and imitation diamonds are available to the fashionable senior.


Medical alert bracelets are no longer considered unattractive wristwear. Now, you can opt to pretty things up a bit by purchasing a bracelet that features either real or imitation diamonds. Even high-end jewelry stores are now offering diamond bracelets enhanced with medical alerts. Often, the panel is adorned with a diamond or two, but in some cases, you can opt to purchase an entire tennis bracelet of diamonds to securely hold your medical alert tag. Medical alerts with diamond bracelets are not just for ladies, either. Men can also choose to wear a fashionable bracelet that sparkles.

Advantages of Diamond Bracelets in Medical Alerts
  • First responders and emergency personnel are trained to automatically check the patient for medical alert jewelry such as bracelets.
  • A diamond bracelet will stand out.
  • Your vital information is available at a glance on the bracelet.
  • First responders will not only know any possible life-threatening medical conditions, allergies or medications by the symbol on the diamond bracelet, they will also have your unique identification number to call the medical alert service’s 24/7 helpline to retrieve your entire health history to commence proper treatment.
  • Medical alert bracelets with diamonds are a pretty accessory for any outfit.
  • Identification bracelets have been found to reduce medical errors during treatment protocol.
  • The medical alert bracelet with diamonds is more than just a piece of jewelry. It will speak for you if you cannot.
  • Medical alert identification jewelry, such as diamond bracelets, have been found to save lives.
  • All first responders are trained to automatically check for any medical alert jewelry, such as diamond bracelets, on a patient before starting treatment.
  • Usually, the purchase of a bracelet with diamonds provides you with one year of medical alert services. At the end of the year, the services must be renewed.
  • Bracelets are available in various sizes and price ranges to fit both men and women.
  • You can opt to have real diamonds or cubic zirconia stones. Many bracelets also feature other precious gemstones, along with the diamonds.
  • All medical alert bracelets with diamonds are designed to be worn 24/7. They can even be worn safely while swimming, bathing or showering.
Disadvantages of Diamond Bracelets in Medical Alerts
  • Bracelets with diamonds are considered valuable and may be stolen. This puts the senior at an increased risk of experiencing a violent crime.
  • Many seniors suffer from numerous allergies or health conditions that cannot be displayed on a bracelet with diamonds. In such circumstances, the first responder may not learn about your entire medical history until they call the medical alert service staff. This can waste valuable time. In such circumstances, some seniors opt to wear more than one piece of medical alert jewelry to adequately display their many life-threatening conditions. Some bracelets also give the option of listing one, two or three conditions.
  • Seniors may remove the bracelet and then forget to put it back on.
Diamond Bracelets Enhancement Options for Medical Alerts
  • Medical alert bracelets are available in a wide range of both masculine and feminine looks.
  • Bracelets with diamonds come in various colors such as gold, silver, titanium and rose.
  • Options include black laser engraving or standard script engraving in easy-to-read fonts. Remember to skip the fancy, scrolled engraving, which can be difficult to read. A first responder should be able to quickly look at your bracelet and read all key information without any difficulties.
  • You can choose from a heart plate, oval plate, dual heart plate or standard bar plate to display your information. Some individuals opt to have diamonds inlaid on the plate’s surface to accentuate the writing.
  • The anklet’s band can contain a bevy of diamonds, or only be made from gold, silver or titanium.
Cost Considerations Associated with Diamond Bracelets

You can opt to purchase a medical alert bracelet with cubic zirconia stones instead of the real thing for around $40. However, some individuals truly love diamonds. Many things will affect the overall cost of the bracelet, such as how many diamonds, the diamond clarity, and the diamond grade. One or two diamonds on a bracelet may run you around $100, but a tennis bracelet of sparkling diamonds might cost $1,000 or more.

Many medical alert bracelets with diamonds come with a one-year subscription to the service. After the first year, the service averages $29 per month. Medical alert bracelets that do not feature a phone number and access to your health information can also be purchased. Such bracelets only rely the situation to a first responder through symbols for health issues and allergies. With such bracelets, you will not be enrolled in a yearly service.

Additional Considerations for Diamond Bracelets in Medical Alerts

Many men and women appreciate the beauty of diamonds, so it is only natural to opt to purchase a medical alert bracelet that is adorned with the sparkling gemstones. If real diamonds are out of your budget, you can still purchase bracelets with fake diamonds that sparkle just as radiantly as their authentic counterparts.

If you suffer from a serious health condition or life-threatening allergy, wearing a medical alert bracelet can be the difference between life and death. The wearer will always have the peace of mind of knowing that their bracelet provides security by offering first responders crucial health-related information.

Kimberly Sharpe - Senior Advisor

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