Medical Alerts with Emblems for Seniors

Medical Alerts with Emblems for Seniors

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The universal medical alert emblem is recognized around the world. First responders who see the emblem on a bracelet, necklace or anklet automatically know that the person suffers from a health condition or an allergy that could prove fatal if not acknowledged.


If a person wears a bracelet, necklace or anklet with the medical alerts emblem, then emergency health care providers automatically know that the person suffers from a health condition or allergy. The emblem can and does save lives. First responders around the world are trained to check for the emblem so that they can further investigate the wearer’s health history.

In many cases, a medical alert jewelry item will contain another symbol that denotes the sufferer’s medical condition. The emblem may also be displayed on an electronic bracelet that holds all of the person’s health history. Other jewelry items with the emblem also feature a phone number where the person’s medical history can be quickly obtained.

Advantages of Emblems in Medical Alerts
  • First responders and emergency personnel are trained to automatically check the patient for medical alert jewelry such as anklets.
  • Medical personnel around the worldare trained to recognize the emblem. It is a universal symbol.
  • Your vital information is usually available at a glance on the other side of the emblem.
  • Medical alert identification anklets have been found to reduce medical errors.
  • The emblem is more than a picture on a piece of jewelry. It will speak for you if you cannot.
  • Medical alert identification emblem jewelry has been found to save lives.
  • Emblems for medical alerts come on a wide array of jewelry items such as bracelets, pendants, dog tags, necklaces and anklets. These items are available in various sizes and price ranges.
  • All medical alert emblem jewelry items are designed to be worn 24/7. They can even be safely worn while swimming, bathing or showering.
Disadvantages of Emblems in Medical Alerts
  • Although the emblem symbol is universally recognized as a medical alert, some jewelry items only portray the emblem and perhaps one medical code for a condition or allergy. There is usually no additional room on such items to list multiple health conditions.
  • The jewelry item that contains the emblem is small, so it can be easily misplaced when taken off.
  • Many men hesitate to wear an item of jewelry with the medical alert emblem because they feel it is too feminine.
Emblem Enhancement Options for Medical Alerts
  • Medical alert emblems are available on a wide array of jewelry items such as pendants, anklets and bracelets.
  • The jewelry items that feature the emblem are available in many styles to fit both female and male taste preferences.
  • Individuals who suffer from metal allergies can opt to purchase the emblem emblazoned on gold, silver or stainless steel. Many wristbands are made of leather, mesh, nylon or other hypoallergenic substances.
  • Options include black laser engraving or standard script engraving.
  • A heart plate, oval plate, dual heart plate or standard bar plate are available to achieve whatever look you desire. Typically, the front of the plate is engraved with the medical alert emblem, and one or two health conditions will be listed on the back.
Cost Considerations with Emblems

Medical emblem items are available in a multitude of styles to fit every budget. You can opt to purchase an inexpensive piece of jewelry with the emblem for only $20, or you can pick an upscale style that is made from gold, silver or titanium. Many medical alert jewelry items also boast diamonds and other gemstones. Such emblem pieces can easily cost $1,000 or more.

Additional Considerations for Medical Alerts Emblems

Medical alert jewelry with an emblem is a discreet way to make sure that first responders are aware of any medical conditions or allergies that you might suffer from. All first responders around the world are trained to look for jewelry that contains the emblem, so they can garner valuable health information to provide you with the best care available. Opting to wear a medical alert with an emblem is a great way to gain peace of mind by knowing that your piece of jewelry will speak for itself even if you cannot. Medical alert emblems have been shown to be a true lifesaving accessory.

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