Medical Alerts with Home Address for Seniors

Medical Alerts with Home Address for Seniors

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Many seniors experience cognitive conditions that may cause completing tasks outside of the home to be a dangerous feat. Most health conditions require special care and attention. In some emergencies, the senior may be unable to speak or communicate. He or she may even be unresponsive from a medication error, or may become easily disoriented or confused. Fortunately, medical alert jewelry or devices can be custom engraved to include the senior’s home address.

Seniors can also choose to include pertinent information such as their home address and emergency contacts on file with the medical alert company. In the event that a senior becomes lost or disoriented away from home, citizens will know how to get them safely back home.


According to research, six out of ten seniors with dementia or other similar conditions will wander. They may have difficulties remembering where they live, even if they have lived in the same home for years. Having your address on file with your medical alert service provider helps to ensure that seniors who are afflicted with conditions that may cause them to become disoriented can be helped and returned home safely.

If a senior realizes that they are lost or disoriented, they can press the “alert” button, which will alert an operator at the emergency center that they are lost. If the senior is wandering and does not realize they are lost, a good Samaritan can find the senior’s address engraved on their device and help them to find their way home.

Advantages of Home Address in Medical Alerts
  • Provides valuable information: A medical alert device can let first responders and medical staff know where the senior lives and who to call in the event that the senior is disoriented or unable to communicate effectively.
  • Discreet and comfortable: Medical alert devices are not large and bulky; they are comfortable to wear and can discreetly include an address to be used in the event of an emergency.
  • Provides peace and security: Medical alerts provide peace of mind that seniors can continue to perform their normal daily activities with minimal worry of not being able to find their way back home.
Disadvantages of Home Address in Medical Alerts
  • Risk of losing or misplacing the device: Seniors should be sure to wear their medical alert devices at all times, especially before leaving home. If a senior forgets to wear or loses their medical alert device, they are at risk of reducing their chances of being helped if they are lost or confused.
  • Alerts others of medical conditions: Medical alerts devices should be worn in areas where they can be easily spotted.Some seniors prefer to wear their devices hidden, so that they are not tagged as a person with a health condition.
Enhancement Options for Home Address
  • GPS option: GPS tracking can be added to medical alert devices to ensure that seniors can be found in the event of an emergency. If the senior presses the “alert” button, the user’s location can be beamed to the monitoring center.Responders are then able to locate the senior, even if the senior is unconscious or unable to speak.
  • Custom engraving options: In addition to listing emergency contact information on file with the medical alert company, vital contact and medical information can also be custom engraved on medical alert jewelry or identification tags, so that first responder may take immediate action with treatment.
Cost Consideration for Home Address in Medical Alerts

Medical alerts that include a home address allow seniors to be helped when they are away from home. In most instances, the home address can be placed on file with the medical alert company at no additional charge. Seniors can also opt to have their devices engraved with their home address and other emergency contact information. This can usually be included at a minimal cost, depending on the material of the device and the amount of text to be engraved.

Additional Considerations for Home Address in Medical Alerts

Due to age or medical conditions, some seniors may experience issues with their memories. In cases when a senior is away from home, it is beneficial for seniors to have a medical alert device that displays their address. In other instances, the senior can list their address and emergency contacts on file with the medical alert company.In the event of an emergency, the company can connect the senior to emergency personnel in a timely manner. Emergency personnel may dispatch EMS or contact emergency contacts, such as family, friends and neighbors that can respond.

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