Medical Alerts with USB Flash Drive Silicon Bracelet for Seniors

Medical Alerts with USB Flash Drive Silicon Bracelet for Seniors

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You may be left wondering just what a USB flash drive is when initially asked whether you would like this type of medical alert bracelet. Moreover, you may also be curious as to why you might want this add-on feature, or perhaps, how it could be of use given your particular condition. Finally, is a USB (Universal Serial Bus) secure and safe? Read on to learn whether this option is right for you.

USB Flash Drive Silicon Bracelet Overview

Medical alert bracelets have become the industry standard when it comes to conveying your vital information and contact details when you are not able to do so. Medical personnel the world over always reach for one’s wrist not only to establish a pulse, but to also see whether there are any further instructions or considerations they need to take.

That said, not only is the field of medicine advancing, so is how we monitor, maintain and control records. It used to be that all medical files were locked away in rolling shelves, but nowadays primary care providers must have digital copies. This is good in that it can grant you much easier access to vital details online.

Once downloaded to your computer, you can then maintain copies and even embed up to four gigabytes of files on a USB-enabled bracelet, so that medical responders can quickly assess your current condition based on your past history.

Advantages of USB Flash Drive Silicon Bracelet in Medical Alerts

The digital age has made all types of files easily accessible and portable. The USB flash drive on most medical alert bracelets is nested in a silicon pocket so as to protect it from the elements and provide the wearer a bit more comfort. While customizable, many will come emblazoned with the star of life so medical responders know there is more to this bracelet than meets the eye.

  • Storage capacity:  Many bracelets offer four gigabytes of data, which depending on the type of file can include up to 15,000 high-resolution images or close to a million black-and-white documents.
  • Affordability:  Despite the massive amount of storage capacity built into these bracelets, several reliable options average $50 and come complete with their own software programs.
  • Package:  USB bracelets often come with wallet cards and credit card emblems, and are frequently cellphone compatible.
  • Document types:  USB flash drive bracelets can hold more than X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, dental records and prescription information. They can also hold copies of insurance policies, passport documentation, photos and emergency contact information.
  • Weight:  Many of these bracelets are made of lightweight silicon and weigh less than two ounces.
  • Durable:  The latest models are durable and waterproof, so you can take them in the pool or abroad.
Disadvantages of USB Flash Drive Silicon Bracelet in Medical Alerts
  • Proprietary:  It is difficult to say how easy it is to share certain medical files. There are concerns, of course, that USB flash drives could become corrupt or carry malware. That said, many medical professionals are leery of using them, especially in dire situations.
  • Computer know-how:  The instructions for setting up, downloading and importing the medical files is cumbersome and not compatible with certain platforms. For instance, many require a Windows operating system. These will not work for people who use Macintosh.
  • Updates:  Forgetting to update your bracelet could lead to some serious consequences when it comes to getting a quick, on-the-spot medical diagnosis.
USB Flash Drive Silicon Bracelet Enhancement Options for Medical Alerts
  • Management options:  USB-enabled flash drive bracelets are not just for emergency situations, as they also allow users to share vital information with caregivers, family members or a spouse. Additionally, much of the software comes with easy-to-use dashboards wherein you can keep tabs on your blood pressure, glucose levels or daily steps.
  • Personalization:  The silicon bracelet often features a standard tag that one can engrave with additional details.Or, you can simply add a more personalized touch, such as a flower or quote, in order to provide just another reason to wear this life-saving device.
  • Adjustable:  Not only does the silicon make it easy to pull the flash drive on and off, especially if one is given to arthritis, but it is easy to adjust for smaller or larger wrist sizes.
Cost Consideration Associated with USB Flash Drive Silicon Bracelet

As previously mentioned, these bracelets range in cost based on storage capacity and model, but rarely exceed $50. They come with software as well as instructions on how to update medical files and dashboards. USB flash drive silicon bracelets should also come with emergency medical cards and an option to upgrade, as well as wristband instructions with no additional cost to you.

Also, be sure to ask about phone compatibility and whether you can create a QR code for emergency responders. This could be critical in that many field responders might only have access to a phone versus a laptop or tablet with a USB-enabled port.

Additional Considerations of USB Flash Drive Silicon Bracelet in Medical Alerts

USB flash drive silicon bracelets are more than just the next iteration in medical alert devices, tags and bracelets. With between two and four gigabytes of capacity, these little bands can store anywhere between 15,000 high-resolution images, such as MRI scans, to nearly a million black-and-white document pages.

This might seem like a lot, especially in an emergency situation, but the information is extremely versatile when in an in-home care center or during a lengthy hospital stay when the staff might seem forgetful or overburdened. Having ready access to your own medical history is not only empowering, but also potentially lifesaving. 

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