Medical Alerts with Zipper Pull for Seniors

Medical Alerts with Zipper Pull for Seniors

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The medical alerts zipper pull for seniors is a small medallion with medical information that attaches to the zipper of a jacket, coat or sweater. It can also be attached to buttonholes, belt loops, keychains or purses. The zipper pull is always readily visible to first responders or medical personnel, so that they can quickly determine your medical condition at a glance.


Medical alert zipper pulls stand out and are easily noticeable. They can be affixed using a simple lobster claw, ring or metal lanyard that is usually included with the zipper pull. The medallion is big enough to provide medical information at a glance. A phone number can also be inscribed on the back of the zipper pull, which is highly beneficial for a senior suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. If the senior wanders off and become lost, anyone who finds them can quickly call the number on the zipper pull.

First responders will also know at a glance about their medical condition or allergies. Each zipper pull usually measures one inch in diameter.

Advantages of Medical Alerts with Zipper Pull for Seniors
  • The medical alert zipper pull is water resistant, so it can be worn on a coat or rainwear and you don’t have to worry about the symbol, words or numbers fading.
  • Can be attached to a wide array of clothing or personal items
  • Large enough to hold a phone number
  • The zipper pull charm is small but noticeable enough that a first responder will not miss it.
  • The medallions are very durable because they are made of metal and will last for years.
  • They can easily be removed and placed on other items if you upgrade your wardrobe.
  • The medical alert zipper pull speaks when you cannot and instantly lets someone know that you suffer from a serious medical condition or allergy.
  • Zipper pulls are ideal for seniors who forget to wear a bracelet or pendant when they leave the house.
Disadvantages of Medical Alerts with Zipper Pull for Seniors
  • The zipper pull’s small size makes it easy to lose if you take it off your apparel, keys or purse.
  • The lobster claw or lanyard can break.
  • The medallion can become banged up if left on in the clothes dryer.
  • The small size of the medallion makes it impossible to list a multitude of medical conditions if you suffer from more than one.
Zipper Pull for Seniors Enhancement Options with Medical Alerts
  • Information can be printed on both the front and back of the zipper pull.
  • Large enough to not only hold the medical alert emblem and font, but also an emergency contact phone number.
  • Can be made of silver for individuals with metal allergies.
Cost Considerations Associated with Zipper Pulls for Seniors

A zipper pull is a relatively inexpensive item that can last a lifetime. You can usually purchase them in sets of two for less than $5. Some may cost $20 or more, depending on what the zipper pull is made from. Shipping on such a small item usually only runs around $3 throughout the United States. Most zipper pull manufacturers offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

The price of the zipper pull is only a one-time expense. Once you own the medical alert zipper pull, there are no monthly charges.

Additional Considerations for Medical Alerts with Zipper Pull for Seniors

Although you might think that a zipper pull is such a small item that it could not make a difference, nothing could be further from the truth. First responders and medical personnel are specifically trained to look for medical alerts on a person during an emergency situation. If you have forgotten to wear your medical alert bracelet or pendant, then the small zipper pull might be the only indication of your health issues.

The zipper pull is also very beneficial if you should become confused or lost and forget your way home. A first responder can flip over the zipper pull and look for an emergency contact’s phone number.

Of course, you can opt to live life without a medical alerts zipper pull, but it can truly be a lifesaver and speak for you if you are unable to communicate. Placing a zipper pull on your coat, purse, belt loop, or any other clothing item or accessory is an ideal way to notify medical workers of your medical conditions or allergies.

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